5 Reasons to Take the Bus

Many people are steadfast and would take the bus only as a last option. Even so, many people could benefit from taking the bus. Public transportation is great way to get from point A to point B whether you have a car or not. Here are the top five reasons why taking the bus is a great option:

1. Save Money. Everyone knows that gas prices are extremely expensive and fluctuate throughout the week. You can easily spend over $1000 on gas alone in a single month. That is more than most people’s rent! The great news about taking the bus is that it is totally inexpensive and more than five times cheaper than gas prices.

2. Relax. Taking the bus is relaxing and gives you some time to yourself. Driving can become tiring. Also, taking the bus is a great way to spend some time to read a book. You can even take a short nap without any worries. You sure can’t do that behind the wheel.

3. Meet new people. Everyday you take the bus, you will see new faces. If you are a people person, it could be exciting to see and meet new people. Everyday is a risk to take and you never know who you could meet on the bus.

4. Learn new routes. Taking the bus has some interesting routes that it takes. Being on the bus atleast twice a week can help you familiarize yourself with landmarks, street names, etc. Being familiar with routes can surely help you one day and decreases your chances of getting lost in the future.

5. Avoid accidents. Riding the bus is a safe way to travel. However, taking the bus does not ensure that you will not get into an accident. Although true, if an accident does occur, it will not be your fault. Driving for yourself everyday is a risk to take. You could be the cause of an accident and have to pay the other party. While riding the bus, you don’t have to worry about that at all.

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