5 Tips for Marketing Your Website on a Tight Budget

Creating a website is easy enough, thanks to a variety of platforms and applications that make getting a functional site online as easy as pointing, click and typing. Many sites never get any visitors, however, because the people or companies who put them up don’t have the money to properly market and promote them.

You can get visitors flowing to your site without spending a lot of cashing, however.

While proper search engine optimization is part of the answer to getting site visitors, SEO isn’t the only way to bring good leads to your new website.

Here are five tips for marketing your website on a tight budget.

1. Outsource marketing activities to Fiverr

On Fiverr, everything costs only $5. Many people are willing to offer your business legitimate form sign-ups, Facebook friends and other marketing contacts for this fee. The site also features a stable of writers willing to create articles to promote your site as well as additional content to help flesh it out. Just about every kind of promotional and marketing service from logos to video creation is available on Fiverr.com.

2. Pay for visitors one at a time.

With a surprisingly low startup cost, you can create a pay-per-click advertising account with Yahoo!, Google or a number of other companies. Once you learn the ins and outs of low-cost keywords on which you can bid, you can get new visitors to your site every day for only pennies per contact. Be careful, however, since PPC services can become unmanageably expensive if you bid on high-cost keywords.

3. Swap services to improve your site’s appeal.

Visitors may fail to click your links because your site doesn’t appeal to them once they get to it. Improve click-through by improving your site. If you’re writing great content but don’t know anything about graphic design, for example, swap some services with a graphic designer to improve the look of your site. You’ll lose nothing except the time it takes to fulfill your end of the swap.

4. Take full advantage of the clicks you get.

Make sure to have a professional-looking contact form as well as an email address and perhaps a phone number on your website. Once someone gets to your site, you want to be sure you capture their information somehow so you can start building a relationship, whether they make a purchase now or not. When you get very few visitors to your site, it’s important to take full advantage of every one.

5. Do some real-world marketing.

People who spend their lives building online businesses sometimes forget the power of real-world marketing. Get some inexpensive business cards to hand out at business mixers and holiday events. Many coffee shops and used bookstores, for example, still have bulletin boards, too, and every day, a few people stop to read each card or flyer. Make sure your site has a real-world presence in the places most likely to have crossover appeal.

With a combination of simple marketing, search engine optimization and time on its side, your site will soon develop a steady stream of visitors. Some of these visitors will leave their information or buy your products, becoming valuable customers for you.

Once they start coming, it’s up to you to work your magic on them by dazzling them with good products and good communication to make sure they keep coming back for more.

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