5 Top Rated Kid Kraft Kitchen Play Sets Under $200

My granddaughter loves her small kitchen play set but it is a small one, so my husband and I are considering getting her a larger set for her upcoming birthday. If you are thinking of a similar purchase you should consider the safety of the kitchen play set, how fun it is, and if your child will outgrow it within a couple years. You can go online to research the many brands, compare prices, ratings and reviews; however, one brand that stands out among the rest is KidKraft kitchen play sets. Below are five of their top kitchen play sets.

Red Retro Kitchen

The Red Retro Kitchen is just that red, very red. Made from wood this kitchen play set has a vintage design with doors that open and close. There is refrigerator and stove with the sink in the center. A microwave oven is located over the sink. It comes with storage space below the sink and above the stove. The knobs on the stove turn and make a clicking sound as if they are igniting, similar to a real stove. It has a removable sink, making for an easy cleanup. It also comes with a cordless phone.

New KidKraft Wooden Red Corner Kitchen

Also made of wood, the Wooden Red Corner Kitchen is a larger unit than the Red Retro Kitchen. It has the same appliances as the Red Retro Kitchen, plus a dishwasher. It is a corner unit so you would need to consider that when purchasing. It is white with red trim, and all the doors on the appliances open and close. It also has a removable sink for easy cleaning. It has cloth curtains and a red and white checkerboard back-splash. There are pegs for hanging utensils, some of which are included with the play set.

KidKraft Pink Vintage Retro Pretend play Kitchen

This cute kitchen play set comes with a refrigerator on top and a freezer on the bottom. It has a dishwasher under the sink, an oven, and all doors open and close. There is not a microwave oven, which could be disappointing to some children. The sink is removable for easy cleaning. Unlike the above two kitchen play sets, the refrigerator comes unattached from the rest of the unit. This could be a plus if space is limited in a specific area, and the units need to be put in separate locations.

KidKraft Deluxe Let’s Cook Kitchen

This kitchen play set is so cute, anyone would want to play with it. It comes with a refrigerator and freezer on top, with opening and closing doors. The two shelves in the refrigerator/freezer make it a great place to store play fruits and vegetables. There is also a storage shelf above the sink. The oven and microwave have see-through doors that open and close. Knobs on the removable sink and four-burner stove turn and click like real ones. Pegs located over the stove provide a great place to hang utensils. It comes with a push-button phone attached to the side of the refrigerator/freezer.

KidKraft Large Kitchen

The KidKraft Large Kitchen is very similar to the Deluxe Let’s Cook Kitchen. There is not much difference in them, except that the Large Kitchen play set is painted in multiple pastel colors which makes it very appealing. That is why it is one of the top five.

All of the units require assembly and all are geared for children three years of age or older.

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