5 Top Technology Trends in 2011

What were some of the top technology trends in 2011? With so many new products introduced to consumers each year, it’s difficult to pay attention to all of them. There are times, however, when a technology trend is so strong that it’s both hard to miss in a given year–and likely to be around for years to come. What were some technology trends in 2011 that will still be trending in 2012?

Social Networking. Social networking sites offer an increasingly amazing arena in which average people are able to seemingly interact with businesses, family, friends, athletes, and even movie stars on a daily basis. Facebook, the social networking mega-giant, is one of the few companies that seem to infuriate users frequently while growing in popularity exponentially. The site obviously does enough right in the eyes of the consumer that it can, essentially, do no wrong. The social networking trend has strengthened so much that most businesses, even small ones, recognize the need to engage customers and the community within popular social networks.

More Apps for That–and Virtually Everything Else. The mobile device application market for both iPhone and Android users continues to rank highly with technology lovers. As marketers embrace the massive popularity of mobile devices, there has been a sweeping trend to develop applications for virtually every aspect of daily life. Even smaller businesses have begun to develop apps to more readily engage mobile device users.

Tiny Tablets. From the iPad2 to various Android tablets–the tablet market exploded in 2011. Tablets offer users so much potential from one device that there is little need for multiple pieces of electronic equipment. Tablets are available with a wide range of specifications and designs have become so user friendly that even the technologically inhibited have jumped on the tablet trend.

Downsized Laptops. In spite of the popularity of tiny tablets, many consumers still seek the familiarity and functionality of laptop computers. Since the beginning of the modern computer age, the consistent trend in technology has involved companies packing more and more amazing capabilities in smaller and smaller packages. The popularity of notebooks, netbooks and mini-laptops grew immensely in 2011 and manufacturers stepped up with smaller, trendier electronic devices loaded with much of the functionality of larger, now almost archaic, laptop computers.

Revolutionized eReaders. Trendy eReaders are virtually everywhere and are revolutionizing the way readers enjoy books, magazines, newspapers, and other, once printed, reading materials. Speedy Wi-Fi capability, user friendly touchscreens, and lightweight styles have led millions of Americans to join the eReader trend. With so many titles available digitally–and many available free of charge through local, community libraries–it’s easy to see that the eReader trend is one not likely to soon end.

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