5 Ways to Celebrate the First Day of Spring

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 the first day of spring arrives much to the relief of cooped up kids and parents with cabin fever. Celebrating spring, or the vernal equinox, is just one way to shake off the old and put on the new. After months of cold, frozen weather, you deserve to enjoy the big thaw! I can think of five ways to celebrate the first day of spring. Try one or use all the suggestions to give spring a big “Hello!”

Celebrate the first day of spring with acts of earth kindness. Don’t wait for Arbor Day to plant a tree, March 20, 2012 is perfect! Nut and fruit trees give back all year so plant some of those. Lead a recycling initiative at your business or hand out seed packets to all your friends.

Celebrate the vernal equinox by decorating your home with spring flowers. Fresh cut tulips and daffodils say, “Welcome, spring!” Place fresh or silk flowers in every room. If you prefer greenery, try an English ivy or an Asparagus fern.

Show your love for spring by hosting a primavera brunch. Bring on the mimosas, delicious mini quiches and loads of artisan rolls. Celebrate the first day of spring by giving all your guests a take home gift life a crown of flowers or a tiny potted flower to take home.

Go the traditional route, spring cleaning! That’s how Momma used to do it, isn’t it? Wash the curtains, change all the sheets, hang out the laundry on the clothes line. Clean the ceiling fan, change the AC filters and clean, clean clean. For fun, invite the kids to help. Yeah, they always love that!

Celebrate the first day of spring with a nature walk. Put on your favorite walking shoes and bring your camera. Capture spring emerging and post pictures of all your finds on Facebook or your family website. These will be spring memories you’ll treasure forever!

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