5 ways to get free and cheap school supplies in Chicago

As students are gearing up to go back to school in 2011, there are lots of great deals for school supplies in the Chicago area, but if you follow these Chicago tips and tricks, you’ll be able to outfit your student with school supplies for free.

CVS: Extra Bucks program

If you’re looking to get the best school supplies at absolutely no cost at all, then head to your nearest CVS store and check out their Extra Bucks program. CVS Extra Bucks program allows customers to buy products and receive Extra Bucks (a CVS form of currency) back in return. Most products throughout CVS stores will only receive a small amount of Extra Bucks back, but leading up to the school year, CVS is rewarding 100 percent cash return in Extra Bucks for school items like pens, pencils, paper, binders, index cards, notebooks, and more. There are lots of CVS stores throughout Chicago, and the offer is good while supplies last.

Walgreens: Buy-one-get-two-free deal

If you don’t mind spending a little cash and getting a huge return, then you’ll want to head to one of the many Walgreens store locations in the Chicago area. For the back-to-school season of 2011, Walgreens is running a promotion that’ll allow school shoppers to buy various school items with buy-one-get-two-free coupons. Paper, binders, notebooks, pens, pencils, and other school items apply, but as with all of these deals, it’s best to head in early before all of the goods are gone.

Office Max: One quarter or less deals

Who says that you can’t buy anything with a quarter nowadays? Office Max is loaded with lots of office supplies that would be perfect for students heading back to school, and leading up to the school year, school shoppers will be able to buy lots of office supplies for a quarter – and some for as low as 1 cent. Crayons, scissors, erasers, paper, and other items are up for grabs, but there is a limit of three per customer, and Office Max stores are sparse in Chicago.

Office Depot: $1 or less deals

Much like Office Max, Office Depot is also running a back-to-school promotion that’ll allow student shoppers to purchase lots of quality school supplies for under $1. Glue sticks, compasses, binders, paper, pens and ink, and other supplies are eligible for this deal, but also like Office Max, the Office Depot deal has a limit of three of the same items per customer, and the offer is only good while supplies last.

Staples: 25-cent deals

Staples is one of the most popular office supply stores, and there are enough Staples stores in Chicago to make their 25-cent school supply deal a great offer for any Chicagoan. Glue sticks, erasers, pencil sharpeners, pencils, pens, index cards, slider pencil cases, and other school supplies can be purchased at Staples stores while supplies last leading into the school year.

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