5 Ways to Put Life into Your Tired Job Search

When your job search feels like it’s going nowhere because you haven’t received a job offer or an offer to interview in months, it’s time to put some life back into it. Finding a job is typically not easy, but you can take steps to re-energize your efforts to find a job in a number of ways.

Alumni Organization

Contact your former college’s alumni network to find out what kind of job search assistance it offers. Your college may host an online alumni exchange site where you can connect with former students and jobs they know about or may offer themselves.


Networking can happen anywhere at any time. You might talk to the person in front of or behind you when you are standing in line at a job fair, for example. Find out what kind of job she is looking for. Exchange contact information. You may be able to help the person in the future, and she may be able to help you find the job you want.

Former Co-Worker Organization

Some companies have professional organizations that former employees join. Contact your former colleagues through this organization to find out about other openings in the same industry as your former company. You might also find out about openings in other areas of the company in which you may be interested in working.

Take a Break

You may need a break from your job search efforts to re-energize yourself. Take an afternoon off from constantly checking your email and calling employers back about your job application status. You might also take an entire day or two just to re-evaluate your priorities and where you’re taking your job search.

Executive Career Management

You might also seek professional assistance from a career management company. You will receive personalized assistance in your job search. You may receive advice on places to look for a job and ways to improve your interview presence, for example. The investment you make in executive career coaching can put new life into your career campaign.

These are just a few ideas to help you find a job after you’ve become tired from traditional job search methods. Many others exist, but it is most important to keep your head up and to remain confident in your ability to find a job. Stay positive and proactive, and you will find a job that meets your needs.

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