5 Ways to Tell that Your Friend is Attracted to Your Spouse

Do you have a friend that you just don’t trust around your spouse? If so, then it could be frustrating. The only reason you will not drop the person as a friend is mainly because you don’t have significant proof that they want to sleep with the person that you are with. It’s not that you’re insecure, it’s just that you know some people are just that wrong in their morals. Do not fret, here are some signs that your friend may want to sleep with your spouse.

1. They act shy. it is human nature to act shy around those that we admire. If your friend is acting different and not being themselves around your spouse, then something is up. Maybe they have something to tell you. Sit them down and have a talk about their shyness or up-tightness around your spouse.

2. They care about their looks when they’re in the presence of your spouse. When we like someone, we usually fix our hair, clothes and suddenly care about how we look. If they weren’t trying to attract your spouse, they wouldn’t care about their looks, especially if it’s only you guys around.

3. They are extra friendly. Being friendly is okay. However, when they are over the top and treat your spouse better than they treat you as a friend, that is an imbalance in social behavior. Aren’t we all nice to the people we admire the most? Take heed and pay close attention.

4. They want to hang around you and your spouse more than usual. Having a little friendly fun-time is fine, but when you notice your friend is showing up more than usual, that is a huge red flag.

5. They continuously make eye-contact. Making eye-contact with people is a type of silent communication. The only time necessary to make eye-contact with someone is if you are speaking to them or being spoken-time. If no conversation is existent and you friend is steady trying to make eye contact with your spouse, then more than likely, they are attracted to your spouse.

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