6 Crafty Ways to Use Fall Leaves in the Dining Room

Got a front or backyard bursting with fall leaves? Before you pull out the rake, pick out a few of your most colorful and beautiful leaves. After all, there’s no better way to decorate in autumn than by using (free!) materials from the great outdoors.

Be sure to clean, press and dry your found pieces before you get to work. Then, try some of these six crafty ways to use those fall leaves in your dining room:

1. Print onto table linens – On a covered surface, brush (or roll) fabric paint onto strong, flexible leaves. Turn the leaves upside down and print neatly in fall colors onto 100% cotton linens used in your dining room: cloth napkins, placemats, table runners or tablecloths.

2. Make a leaf garland – These garlands really add a seasonal touch to your dining area. String pressed, dried fall leaves onto clear fishing line or twine, then drape around your dining room chandelier or from the tops of your window coverings.

3. Create place card holders – Check out Martha Stewart for an easy, customizable way to create place card holders (using real fall leaves), perfect for a Thanksgiving dinner, fall wedding or autumn banquet.

4. Create ceramic plateware – Now, obviously, this idea isn’t for the casual crafter. But if you have access to a kiln or nearby pottery studio, try out this crafty way to create your own fall leaf plateware. Brush glaze onto a variety of fall leaves, then print onto a bisque platter. Add a clear glaze coat, then fire in a kiln to finish your customized plates.

5. Decoupage onto serving trays – Got a plain wooden serving tray? Spice it up for autumn by decoupaging pressed, dried (and colorful) fall leaves in a pattern onto the top of the tray. Seal the surface by brushing on a coat of satin (or metallic) ModPodge.

6. Frame and display – Decorate your dining room walls by matting and framing a pristine, colorful leaf. This crafty idea is a fun and incredibly easy to way to celebrate and showcase those beautiful, one-of-a-kind fall leaves in your home.

Happy autumn crafting! Know any other crafty ways to use fall leaves in your dining room, or any other area of the house? Comment below and leave your suggestions.

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