8 Inventions Parents Could Benefit From

As a parent of two, some days are easier than others. One day, the baby may sleep well and my preschooler might act like an angel. Other days, my patience runs thin. Often times, I wish I could press a button and my whole house would be clean. Unfortunately, this button will probably never be invented. Along with the clean house button, here are eight inventions I think parents could benefit from.

# 8 Waterproof Layette

I have a newborn baby. At night, I’m often changing my son’s clothes because he spit up. Waterproof layette would be spit up proof and urine resistant. However, it’s still soft like cotton. You simply wipe away the wetness and your baby is nice and dry. This is especially important for those middle of the night accidents.

# 7 Magic Sleep Dust

I think at one point or another every child has a sleep issue. Sometimes, toddlers fight the afternoon nap. Other times, kids simply don’t want to go to bed at night. Magic sleep dust would help kids fall asleep. In addition, it would get rid of any upset tummies and soothe colicky babies.

#6 Freeze Button

Do you ever wish there were more hours in the day? The freeze button would allow parents to get all of their work done and still make it to their kid’s afternoon soccer game. It would give time for an afternoon nap for everyone. I know if I had a freeze button my house would be much cleaner.

# 5 Boyfriend/Girlfriend Trapdoor

As children turn into teenagers, they will probably want to date. No problem. Instead of telling your daughter she can’t date Joe Smoe, you can pull a lever and Joe will disappear down a trap door. Think back to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when Veruca Salt fell through the floor. Nothing bad would happen, they just wouldn’t be around anymore to date your teen.

# 4 Boo-Boo Zapper

This little wand takes away scrapes, burns and bumps on the head. Great for those everyday falls from babies learning to walk or your daredevil child.

# 3 Robot Maid

I realize there are robots that do work. However, these are too pricey for the general popular. I would prefer something like Rosie from the “Jetsons” to be my maid. The closest thing I have found to the robot maid are the self-operating vacuum cleaners.

# 2 Sickness Detector

Wave this device over your ailing child and see what is making them feel bad. From a baby cutting a tooth to an ear infection, this detector will stop the late night visits to urgent care.

# 1 Lie Radar

You don’t need to hook your teen up to a lie detector to find out if he or she is telling the truth. The lie radar is a watch-like device that immediately vibrates when your child is lying. Now you will know if Susie is really going to her friend’s house to study.

Maybe these inventions would make life too easy. Perhaps, part of being a parent is overcoming challenges. Still, on those difficult days, a mom can dream.

What inventions would make your life easier?

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