8/27 NFL Rumors and News: Kyle Williams Re-signs

I honestly think that Kyle Williams is the best defensive tackle in the game, and he is one of the the most underrated players in football. He’s the Bills’ best player, and they rewarded him by giving Williams a 6-year extension worth 39 million. Even though it is technically a reward, the deal is very cheap for the Bills. Williams is one of the best defensive players in the game, and to lock him up over the span of 6 seasons for 6.5 million per season is a terrific move.

“Meatball” was absolutely monstrous last season, and he should have been the Defensive Player of the Year. Of course, nobody gives that award to defensive tackles, but Williams should have at least been on the Pro Bowl squad. Even though the players around him are terrible, that doesn’t mean that Williams shouldn’t get recognized for the work he does. If you go back to the Bills’ very interesting game against the Steelers, Kyle Williams was murdering Maurkice Pouncey. He showed all that he is capable of by consistently disrupting plays in the backfield, blowing up rushing lanes, drawing double-teams, collapsing the pocket, and pressuring the quarterback. Trust me, this guy more than deserved this pay check.

It was always pretty obvious to me that Chris Johnson wasn’t going anywhere, because nobody in their right mind would trade their best player and only offensive star. Heck, CJ might be the Titans’ only star player on the roster. In any case, losing Johnson would really hurt the Titans as a team and as an organization. The fan base would be enraged, and the team would lose respect. While I think that Chris Johnson’s holdout is ridiculous, he doesn’t deserve the money he wants, the Titans should pay him more than he is receiving right now.

The whole shelf-life ideal for running backs is like that weird guy from Star Wars lightsaber; it has two sides to it and can be tricky. Running backs don’t last long in this league, so it’s natural for the Titans to be cautious with this situation. However, Johnson needs to get paid in full now if his career really won’t last that long (which is sad but true). CJ needs to make sure that he at least gets the money he deserves for what should be a good career, and the Titans should reward him accordingly. I think nine to ten million per year is fair enough, and Johnson really needs to lower that outrageous asking price.

Another star running back on a poor team is requesting a holdout, but this one is definitely less-publicized. Frank Gore- as well as Chris Johnson- want DeAngelo Williams money. The contracts that get thrown out there skew the market and jack up contracts, so we have Carolina to thank for what was an awful deal. Williams is a great running back, but 5 years and 43 million is ridiculous for a 27 year old. In any case, Gore needs to just stay put and take his five million a year. It’s not like he’s always healthy to begin with.

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