9-Volt Battery Secret Hiding Place

Nearly everyone has a secret that they don’t want others to know. Whether that secret is a love note from a fling, or a rare dollar bill they don’t want anyone to know about, almost everyone has a secret. Need a place to hide a small secret? Did you know you could turn a 9-volt battery into a secret hiding place? It’s really not hard to do at all and, once you make it, you can just tuck your secret inside. Don’t worry about hiding the battery itself; no one will even think to look at that common, 9-volt battery.

You’ll need a pair of needle nose pliers to begin making the 9-volt into a hidden compartment. Use the pliers to get hold of the top of the battery and pull it off. Be careful not to twist or bend the cap. The object is to pull the cap straight up and off of the battery. After the cap is removed, empty the contents of the battery. Mix up epoxy and cover the bottom with it. This will secure the bottom.

Cut a piece of very sticky tape and use it to make a hinge for the top. Turn the top of the battery upside-down so that the terminals are on the table. The tape should be twice as long as the top but exactly as wide as the top. Apply the tape to the underside of the battery top and leave the length hanging off of one end.
Hold the top of the battery beside the empty compartment of the battery so that the excess tape is down inside the empty compartment. Push the tape against the inside of one slender side of the battery. Affix the tape to that side. This creates a hinge for the top.

Put whatever you want inside the battery and snap the lid back in place. Set the battery anywhere and no one will ever suspect it as a secret hiding place. The battery can hold a folded letter or document, a small stack of collectible coins, folded money, medications, and much more. If you don’t need a secret hiding place you can even use the empty battery to hold stick matches.

After creating the secret hiding place from the 9-volt battery, you might want to hide the battery itself, to make you feel even safer. Just place the battery in a toy or other thing that requires a 9-volt. Although the battery doesn’t hold a large amount of things it can help you hide many small things from others.
9-Volt Secret Compartment

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