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Smashwords is a site that offers e-books in several formats, making it user-friendly for readers. There are so many books available on Smashwords, it boggles the mind. There are some great bargains there for insatiable readers who can’t afford to indulge their literary appetites entirely with traditionally published best-sellers. Smashwords offers a reasonable alternative for the book-addicted.

Here is a list of ten Smashwords e-books that are only 99 cents each. For less than the price of many traditionally published works, you can load your electronic reader with all ten. This list represents hours of reading enjoyment for less than ten bucks:

The Legend of Sasquatch by William T. Prince
Coming of age tale of Clint Buchanan, a young Texan in the late 1970’s as he prowls the streets of Dallas. Full of action and grit, the story follows Clint through a serious of unwise decisions and bad luck events that combine to define his character.

Tribal Scarring (Urban Hunters #2) by Gary Taaffe
Guided by his mum’s spirit, Billy has to become a man. He must deal with harsh initiations and struggle against wildlife to find girls for his clan in order to ensure their future.

Birthright by RJ Palmer
Raine Donnelly’s premature birth to a severely injured mother is hidden in his past. But as an adult, Raine’s routine life spirals out of control when he begins to experience blackouts and supposed hallucination. Plus, someone is trying to kill him. Add a wife and children he doesn’t remember, and his life grows even more complicated.

Secrets by S.L. Pierce
A hired killer shows up in Gwen Michaels’s new life in California. She had hoped her past would stay buried, but now it appears her cover has been blown. But it turns out, the murderer knows nothing of her past. So who wants her dead, and why?

Chasing Amanda by Melissa Foster
Molly witnessed a young girl’s abduction nine years before in Philadelphia, pushing her occasional clairvoyance into hyper levels. The girl’s body was discovered two days later, and Molly is plagued by guilt for not acting on her visions. Molly flees to the safety of the small Maryland community of Boyds. But her fresh start is shaken when a little girl disappears from a park near Molly’s new home.

Game: A Horror Tale by Amanda Lawrence Auverigne
Tricia, a college student, receives an terrifying phone call from a deranged stranger named Todd. He informs her she has been poisoned and has only a few hours to live. If she wants the antidote, she will have to play his sinister game.

Front Page News by L.K Campbell
Journalist Jess McElroy becomes front-page news when she is targeted by a stalker. She has an ex-boyfriend who can’t face losing her. And, her new boss, Parker Montgomery, has a secret in his past that might cause trouble. When her stalker grows bolder, Parker demands that Jess move in with him for her own safety.

Darby’s Bar & Grill by Michael Bridges
Darby’s is an aging bar and through its doors pass an eccentric group of friends dealing with families, love affairs, employment problems, enormous bugs & tiny mice, vigilantes & poets, and the world’s most enraged short-order cook. Take an intimate and touching look at a year inside this the lives of this motley group of pals.

Omicron by Patrick Reinken
Donovan Faine and Alisa Wolfe are are sleeper agents in the Aristotle Project, which includes twenty-four plants put in place thirty years prior. Now a segment of the agents in the field are compromised and more are in tenuous positions. The only answer is Aristotle, whose agents remain unrevealed. Donovan and Alisa are called to duty.

Picking a Fight by Christopher Truscott
Clarissa’s new job in the state Legislature bores her. Holly Schaffer finds herself unable to support Alex Hogan’s bid for governor, in spite of his being the nominee for the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party. Together, the two women devise a plan that might alter Minnesota politics forever-provided someone doesn’t get killed first.

Remember to take the time to revisit the site and offer a review of the books you have purchased. Leaving a review serves two purposes. It gives the author feedback on how you felt about the book, and it allows you to share your experience with other readers. The price is certainly right on these ten selections, but it may be subject to change. So, if you want to read these tales, better hurry. Happy reading!

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