A Christmas Gift from Lulu

Lulu jumped in the pool after the ball. She grabbed it, and swamp back out. She dropped it on the ground. “Now look what you did! This was a Christmas gift for my best friend, and now it’s all wet,” Lulu screamed. “Ruff ruff ruff,” was all her family could hear.

“Good girl! You’re so cute! We love you, Lulu!” Lulu’s Mommy exclaimed.

“What? Didn’t you just hear anything I just said? This ball is all gross now! It’s icky,” Lulu cried. “Ruff ruff ruff!” was all Mommy could hear.

“Yes we know, you’re such a smart girl,” Mommy said.

“Grrr. Yes, I know. Why can’t you understand me? I love you too Mommy, but sometimes you just don’t understand me.” Lulu hung her head and walked in the house.

“Awww. What’s wrong, little Lu? Do you not feel well? Let’s get you dried off.” Mommy followed Lulu into the house and grabbed a towel. She began drying Lulu’s pretty poodle hair.

“Thank you Mommy. It’s OK, I’m not sad. If you dry off my ball, I will be very happy.” Lulu dropped the ball, and pushed it to mommy with her nose.

Mommy picked up the ball and dried it off. “Oh, let’s dry that off for you, little girl. I’m going to make it all nice and clean for you.”

Lulu perked up her ears. “You understood me! That’s wonderful! I love you so much Mommy!” Lulu kissed mommy all over her face.

Mommy laughed and fell over, kissing and tickling Lulu back. “You’re so funny. I love you too, little Lu. I love baby kisses!”

Lulu and mommy laughed and played for several minutes.

“OK, play time is over. I have to get our Christmas gifts ready for tomorrow,” mommy said, as she stood up and walked over to the couch.

Mommy grabbed a box, and a toy she was going to give as a gift. She placed the toy on the couch, and set the box down on the floor. She grabbed some tissue, and used it to line the box.

“Ooh, that will be a perfect box for this ball,” Lulu claimed. She dropped the ball into the box.

“Lulu, what are you doing! I’m trying to wrap gifts,” mommy said, exasperated. “This box is perfect for this toy. I need to get it wrapped before Christmas.” She pulled the ball out of the box and threw it across the room.

Lulu ran and caught the ball, and ran back quickly, dropping the ball in the box again. “It’s a perfect box for my ball too, mommy! This will make the perfect gift for my friend!”

“Oh my goodness, why are you being such a silly girl today? Fine, I’d like to see how you’re going to get your ball now, if I wrap it up.” Mommy wrapped up the gift in the box and set it aside.

“Oh, thank you mommy! You’re the best mommy ever, in the whole wide world!” Lulu pushed the gift under the tree with her nose. “My friend will be so happy to see this gift! She loves to play ball with me!”

Mommy gasped. “Lulu? Do you understand what you just did? Do you want to give the ball as a gift?”

“Yes I do, mommy! I’m so glad you can understand me!” Lulu wagged her tail vigorously.

Mommy only heard, “Ruff ruff ruff,” as usual, but now she seemed to understand. “Who is the gift for?” mommy asked.

Lulu ran outside, and mommy ran after her. She poked at Emily with her nose. “I’m giving it to Emily, mommy!”

“Hey,” Emily giggled. “Where’s your ball? I’ll throw it for you.”

Lulu cuddled up next to Emily and gave her kisses. “We can play ball tomorrow,” Lulu said. “I just want to relax and cuddle right now, it’s been a long day. I love you, Emily.”

“Aww, you’re my best friend, Lu.” Emily and Lulu nose kissed, wiggling their two doggy noses together.

Mommy stood there, with a stunned look on her face. She walked back into the house, and wrote, “To: Emily, From: Lulu” on a little card, then placed it on the package.

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