A Consumer Guide for Installing Screen Doors

We are always looking for ways to improve the quality of home living. There goes the new house paint job, the additional window awnings and the newly upholstered sofa. We will do almost anything to keep our homes beautiful, protected and comfortable to live in. Another must-have home improvement is to have a screen door installed.

The addition of screen doors to your homes not only fulfills most homeowners’ yearning for a more beautiful and appealing home façade but also, they provide a number of favorable benefits. This article will talk about these benefits in order for you to decide if having one installed is a practical choice.

Having a screen door ensures that unwanted people will not able to come in (or break in) easily. They usually have security features like thick mesh from 0.7mm up to 0.9mm, which can resist attempts of being cut through and can withstand various levels of assault. This will make it very difficult for burglars or thieves to get to the main door. In situations wherein you have to speak with somebody that you’re not at ease with or particularly acquainted with (like people asking for directions, door to door salesmen, etc.), it will make the encounter trouble-free.

Screen doors will also let you get the most out of the summer season because you don’t have to turn on the air conditioning units or your electric fans all the time to keep your homes cool. They are designed to allow you to enjoy the breeze of fresh air. Also, they will let all the light in during the day without opening your main doors, so turning some of the lights on won’t be necessary. Your electric consumption will go low which means your expenses will be reduced big time.

Another benefit is that it can make you go in and out of your homes easily even if you have your hands full because most of them are made from lightweight materials and snaps behind you each time. They don’t produce sounds because they close gently compared to opening and closing the main door that still creates a banging sound if you’re not careful.

Perhaps, the most popular benefit of screen doors is its capability to keep the pesky insects from passing through your homes. You will never be bothered by bugs, flies and mosquitoes again with these mounted on all your doors.


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