A Different Kind of Love Story

Although the “love” of the relationship started sophomore year, I first met B during freshman year. Sometime late fall semester of 2008, a girl friend form the floor, L, had one of her best friends from home, B, come and visit (she went to Rutgers). A group of guys were all hanging out in J’s room when they came by with a quick introduction. This may seem like a normal occurrence, but it was in that brief second that I got hooked. This girl was beautiful, hence B. I actually got out of my chair and ran to get a second look at her. Yes, that kind of beautiful. That was the only meeting of the day, as I figured she was out of my league. However, fast forward to winter break…a couple days after the break started, I had surgery to fix my deviated septum. Anyway, my recovery consisted of lounging on the couch with my laptop every single day, bored out of my mind. I figured that’s how the whole break (one month) would go. Luckily, I was wrong. I don’t remember exactly how it started, but I started facebook chatting with B one day and we talked for quite a while. Although that one day was enough to carry me and keep my happy for the whole break, there was more in store for me, every day in fact. At least once a day, she would be online (for what I assumed was to talk to me) and we would talk for hours. Not only did this keep my mind off the pain from the surgery, but it also made me happier than I could remember being in a while. Unfortunately, it also made break fly by. Before I knew it, we each were back at school. Being the shy person I am and thinking I didn’t have a chance anyway, I let it slide. I didn’t try to set up a visit or date with her, I just went back to living my dull, boring life. And when she started dating someone from her school sometime during the spring semester, I beat myself up day in and day out. Another lost oppurtunity. But, for once, I would get another chance. And this time, I wasn’t going to let that chance go.
The story picks up during my fall break (mid-October) of sophomore year. I was basically alone because I had to stay for soccer, but L came back earlier than most so I had someone to hang out with. Fortunately, that person is best friends with B. One night, we were watching a movie (I watched a lot of movies over all my lonely fall breaks), and L and B were talking and it was suggested that we, they video chat. It went on as normal until about 11 or so when L decided to go to bed. That left B and I alone to video chat on our own. Most people wouldn’t think a video chat could be amazing, but it was. We just had a connection, and it showed. 4-5 hours later, we were still talking. After saying goodnight, I could not be happier. Absolutely nothing else was on my mind, but her. For once, my mind was silent, it wasn’t going to screw anything up this time. We continued texting for the next week or so until the next time I saw her. It was actually unplanned on my part, but amazing nonetheless. I had just come home from an away game and I was extremely pissed. I had played well (great, actually) for the short time my coach actually put me in during the first half, but then he didn’t put me back in for the second. So after coming back to my room and showering, I was content to just relax in my bed and didn’t want to really talk to anyone. I was on my computer listening to music when my roommate J went to sign someone in (if you live in another building, you have to get signed in to any other during a certain time). He called me from downstairs telling me B was here (to visit L). As pissed as I was from the game, I suddenly had a spark of happiness. Although, she was there for L, B spent the whole night with me. Again, it was effortless. It just worked. After trying too late to have her spend the night, we agreed that she would come back next Friday night (it was Wednesday so a week and a half). In that time, I’m pretty sure we talked all the time. You know, all the cute stuff of a new couple. That weekend couldn’t come soon enough.
Let’s skip to the Thursday night before the weekend. B and I were video chatting again (we did this a few times when we could). J and L were about to go to TacoBell and asked me if I wanted to come, which I obviously declined so that I could continue talking to B. However, about 35 minutes later, I hear B scream and her dog start barking like crazy. Then, I see J and L coming through her back door. At first, I was pretty mad, thinking that they should have told me so I could come with them. Later, they told me they didn’t know they were going to do it until they started driving. My anger quickly fled, though, when they decided that B should come back with them. Now, I couldn’t be happier. Once they came back, B and I again talked for hours in bed. And finally, long overdue in my opinion, we had our first kiss. I don’t know how to explain it so I’ll just sum up the kiss in one word: perfect. Yes, believe me or not, but it was perfect. It confirmed what I had already knew since I first met her. She was the one I wanted. So, not wanting to let her get away again, I asked her to be my girlfriend. She said yes! I can say with completely honesty, that that was the happiest moment I’ve had. But, 3 weeks later was definitely one of the saddest.
To save some time, and not to be redundant, I’ll just say those 3 weeks were amazing and perfect. J told me during that he had never seen me happier. And he was right.
Anyway, it’s Sunday night before school starts up again (after a short Thanksgiving break) and I was writing some paper on some nonsense I did not know. To keep the theme of this love story alive, I’ll make this part as short as I can. She thought everything moved too fast and broke up with me. She felt she didn’t give herself enough time after her break-up with her ex so she needed more time to be by herself. Needless to say, I was broken. Three weeks of perfection in one moment, gone. While I did think the relationship moved pretty fast (we really only hung out once before becoming involved), I knew I wouldn’t have changed anything. I knew from the first time I met her, from the first time we talked, from the first time we hung out, that I loved her.
I still get a lot of crap from some of our friends, respectively, that 3 weeks isn’t a long enough time to be as hurt over it as I was. To that, I tell them they’re wrong. And I will always tell them that. 3 weeks was long enough. With her, one moment was enough. And I will always stand by that. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t try to make something of it when I first started talking to her. But other than that, I know what we had was true, real. I’m sure if she ever sees this, she’ll probably be mad at me for writing it. But deep down, maybe she’ll also know that what I wrote is a love story, just a different kind.
I believe that this love story isn’t over though. Every time I talk to her, there’s still something there. Something true. Something real. I know there is still something unfinished between us. The story is just waiting for us to fill in the pages.

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