A Doggone Good Time:Dog Parks in Arlington and Irving, Texas

If the warm weather that Dallas-Fort Worth has been enjoying here as of late is any indication, spring is almost here and that means more outdoor activity for both you and your dog.

Residents of Arlington and Irving don’t have to look very far for some top notch dog parks in the area. Tails N’ Trails, located in Northeast Arlington on the grounds of Arlington Animal Services Center, and the City of Irving Dog Park which is located on the grounds of the Irving Animal Care Campus, are two great dog parks.

Opened in 2008, Tails N’ Trails is quickly becoming a local favorite. Sponsored by Responsible Unleashed Fun for Fido (RUFF), this park is huge! It boasts several water fountains for pets and people, plenty of benches and an expansive forest area that is perfect for new or shy dogs. There is also a great area to play a game of fetch with your ‘best friend’ or for socializing with other dog owners. There are clearly marked separate areas for small (less than 25 pounds) and large dogs (25 pounds and heavier). However, small breed owners should beware that the size requirements are not always heeded by the owners of large breed dogs and there is no one there to enforce the rules. So you may be on your own with enforcing these rules to keep your small pooch safe. Another drawback with this park is that while there are plenty of benches for seating, none of them are located in the shade. This may not be so much of a problem in the spring , but we all know how miserable Texas heat can be in the summer months. Parking space can also be very tight on busy days and it is not uncommon to have to drive around for a few minutes until a space opens up. This can be very inconvenient when you have an energetic dog or dogs that can’t wait to play with their friends. Tails N’ Trails is open every day during daylight hours at no charge.

The City of Irving Dog Park which is located at 4140 Valley View Lane (between Walnut Hill and Northgate), features separate play areas for small dogs (less than 25 pounds) and large dogs (25 pounds and heavier). Just like at Tails N’ Trails, small breed dog owners should be cautious of the large breed owners who insists that their 80 Ib. Rottweiler will play nice with your 4 Ib. Yorkie. However, unlike Tails N’ Trails, some of the bench areas are shaded. This park also includes benches, drinking fountains for both you and your dog, boulders for informal seating and shade trees. The park is even wired for Wi-Fi! There are also plenty of parking spaces available. The City of Irving Dog Park’s operating hours are from sunrise to sunset and there is no charge.

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