A Great Rich Wonderful Philosophy -44

This beautiful explanation is given in the Kathopanishad under ratha kalpana. This concept is presented in the picture of the Gita where the Lord administers the transformation technology to Arjuna who is a victim of acute depression. The chariot represents our human body. The chariot is drawn by five horses which represent the five senses. These are seeing, hearing, touch, smell and taste. The charioteer is the intellect represented by Lord Krishna. The road is full of objects/ temptations/desires. Arjuna is the Jivaatman, an ordinary human being. The reins signify the mind.

To make our life meaningful the body with the sense organs, the mind and the intellect, have to be utilized in the best manner possible. The sense organs go after various desires/objects and the mind has to control horses (senses). If the mind is allowed to have its own way it will act thoughtlessly based on impulse. So the intellect has to be used to gain the upper hand. If intellect is used to tame the mind and mind (the reins) controls the senses, the horses (senses) will go on the right path and will not be distracted or go astray. Arjuna the ordinary mortal is confused and is guided by the charioteer. If we keep this description of the Gita picture in mind and review our actions we will be able to act better using our faculties of mind and intellect. We will be achieving greater control over the mind, and the senses, and drive the chariot to the desired goal or destination without fail.

The chariot symbolizes the human body. It is the vehicle which facilitates the attainment of our goals. It is called the temple. Inside there is the Mind, and the Intellect. Above all these are the Deity i.e.
the Atman. The Atman is the witness to all that happens in the body and through
the actions of the senses. It has no beginning or end and is imperishable. The temple – the body
has to be kept pure, clean and sacred just as in the case of any temple. The
charioteer is Krishna and He represents the Intellect .This is one thing
which distinguishes man from the animal. Animals and human have four common
features. These are, hunger, thirst, sleep, and procreation. But man has one more
that is the intellect or the power of discrimination. This enables him to think and choose between various courses of action. He can act or not act. He can do or not do. So this great quality is to be
developed and used to the best advantage. Positive thinking helps to do good things
beneficial to one and for others. In reality we find man misusing the intellect. He kills for pleasure or for eating .He commits offences like rape which the animal never does.

The explanation of the chariot with the role of Krishna symbolizing Intellect having briefly done we now go the mind. The reins holding the horses represent the mind. It controls the direction and movements of horses. The mind and intellect are two aspects of the same thing. Mind imagines, observes, visualizes and the intellect determines. Seeing a beautiful girl registers an impression in the mind. Intellect decides whether you should gain her friendship or not. It decides whether you should help her after weighing several considerations. Left to itself the mind will wander and if it drifts the horses also will go astray. In the example the mind will go after the girl but the intellect will control the mind by giving command of which course of action to take. So it is the intellect that has to control the mind if the horses or the senses have to reach the desired destination. Krishna, the intellect, holding the reins- the mind, means the mind is under control and the chariot will move in the right direction. If intellect does not do its function of thinking or discrimination rightly the mind will go along with the horses on the wrong track. The reins powered by the intellect holds the horses in check and direct them to go along the right path.

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