A Guide to the Top Chicago Pizza Joints

The Windy City of America is in the middle of its roughest season right now. Winter in the Midwest brings frigid temperatures, unbearable blizzards, and unruly winds but the best way to stay warm and out of the cold is to head into one of Chicago’s most delicious pizza places. The piping hot pizza of Chicago is a great way to forget about the bad weather. Here are some of the top pizza places not to miss the next time you’re in the area.

Great Lake

Located at 1477 W Balmoral in Chicago Great Lake is a newer pizza joint with a huge buzz behind it since it opened its doors. Unlike other pizza places Great Lake is truly one of a kind. The owner, Nick Lessins, is considered to be a genius by some and runs the place completely on his own. He makes each pizza himself with the finest ingredients and tries unique combinations to make the perfect pizza including everything from sheep’s milk cheese to crème fraîche and chives. Don’t let the hype and raves by the New York Times and GQ make you think this is a pizza place for the only the ultra hip foodie. People from all over stand in line for long periods of time waiting for his delicious creations. Give Nick a call at 773-334-9270 for more information.


Giordanos is one of the top rated pizza places in Chicago and for good reason. It’s home of the world famous Chicago stuffed pizza and let me tell you, no pizza can top what these legendary pizza makers take out of the oven. Your typical large pizza with one topping will run you roughly $20 but don’t let the price deter you from ordering. It’s sure to make your mouth melt just by walking in the door.

Each pizza takes about half an hour to cook so enjoy some of their other delicious menu items like their salads or breadsticks. Want to try Giordanos but won’t be in Chicago anytime soon? That’s okay. Their pizza is so famous they make it available to order online and have it shipped to your doorstep. There are 47 locations total in Illinois and Florida so visit their website to see your nearest location and give them a call to check out their hours of operation.

Art of Pizza

The Art of Pizza takes its restaurant name seriously and so should you. This is one pizza haven that knows what they’re talking about. Art of Pizza makes stuffed pizza but not just any stuffed pizza. They create delicious recipes that make the pizza end up with a doughy interior and crunchy crust on the outside.

Located at 3033 N. Ashland Ave this is one deep dish pizza you can’t miss if you’re passing through the city. The pizza’s zingy sauce and fresh ingredients will make you go back for second and third helpings. Give them a call at (773) 327-5600 to find out their hours of operation.

Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

You can’t mention Chicago and pizza without also mentioning famous Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria. This is one of Chicago’s most well known pizza joints and the place is popular for their Chicago-style deep dish pizza. Lou’s has been open for over 40 years and has locations throughout the city of Chicago and surrounding suburbs.

Like Giordanos you can order a pizza online and have it shipped if you can’t make a stop in person. For a list of locations and phone numbers make sure to check out their website and grab up one of their famous pizzas today.

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