A Joke I Heard on the Bus

Earlier today, on the standing-room-only bus ride home, I overheard one young 20-something telling the following joke to another young lady sitting next to her in the crowded Route 43 bus to MT. Washington here in Pittsburgh.

Almost immediately I knew I had to share it with the world. I called a few friends and told it, then not long after I unlocked my front door, I was at the computer. I chuckled as I turned my computer on…the joke was a welcomed laugh after the hectic day I had went through. Be sure to pass it on, it might liven up someone’s day. Here it is:

Write a short story

A college creative writing class was given an assignment by their professor to write a short story using as few words as possible. Additionally, they were instructed to incorporate the following three topics into their story:

Religion Sexuality Mystery

The next day the professor returned the graded stories to the class. Below is the only submission to receive an “A”:

“Good God, I’m pregnant! I wonder who did it.”

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