A Letter to My Grandmother

For the past ten days, I had an immediate urge to write a letter to my maternal grandmother. She died leaving my mother when she was hardly two years old. I have never seen even a photograph of her. I remember vaguely, what one of my aunts told me long ago. During my annual visit to my native town, she told me that I walked like my grandmother. It resembled my grandmother’s gait. That is a resemblance I carried along with me even though I have not seen her. Not only me, but my immediate sister also walked like her.

My mother missed her motherly love. We missed the love and warmth of our grandmother. After the death of my grandmother, my grandfather married another lady. Though we visited that family every year, I always felt the distance that kept us away from her. I could not feel the warmth and love a grandmother should reflect on her grandchildren. Just for the sake of our grandfather, she accepted us to come home every year.

Only once we all had the opportunity to interact with our dead grandmother. It was through the Ouija board. One fine day, when our family was literally suffering with all kinds of problems, I decided to talk to our grandmother. I still remember how my mother cried desperately, when our grandmother came over to us through the Ouija board. We could feel the loss of a motherless child and we all could not stop our ever flowing tears from our eyes. I still remember my grandmother’s words. “God is great. Believe in God”. Those words were told before she left. She also asked us not to call her again and disturb her for she was already praying hard for our welfare. This happened long ago, more than twenty five years ago.

Now here is my request to my dead grandmother. My mother who is now sixty eight years old is not still happy. She still needs the motherly love and affection. As a mother I can understand how she missed her mother. How she grew up without a mother and a father near her. Things were hard and still it is hard for her.
As a soul you can pray for our well being and see to it that my mother is happy. Please wish her peaceful life atleast now. I know as a mother you will do this favor for your loving daughter.

I remember what my father told me once. In the graveyard, after the rituals were done, the crow did not come to take up the food offered. My mother’s grandfather promised that he would look after my mother. Then only the crow came to accept the food. I know you still love your daugther and also know what to do for her to keep her happy. We all love you forever.

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