A Letter to Theo Epstein

Everyone is writing articles about what Theo Epstein should know about Cubs culture before he arrives at his Wrigley Field office. I will give Theo the best advice he can get. Theo if you know anything about Cubs culture just forget it. You are here to change the culture, not bring up curses and goats.

Please do not cater to those idiot fans who feel like you have to know that the centerfielder of the Cubs dropped a ball in Shea Stadium over 40 years ago in order to feel their pain. It is this same ignorance that made Lovie Smith say, when he took over the Bears head coaching position, that he would beat Green Bay.

We know you are here to win the World Series and we know you have the skill to do it. The reason you have been hired is to win and win consistently, you should not have to sell smart Cubs fans on that. You should have your first press conference without the stupid antics.

Tell Cubs fans how you are going to continue to build the farm system from top to bottom. Tell us that you will hire a strong manager and staff at every level to teach the fundamentals. You will hire a major league manager that can get the players to play at a high level everyday. Tell us that you are happy to be the new General manager/President of Baseball Operations, but please do not tell me how you feel about Don Young or the Lou Brock trade. You were not even born when those things took place.

I am not saying you should not know something about Cubs history, but you do not have to say things to try to make me believe you feel my pain. Just build a team I can be proud of and can be a World Series contender every year.

Theo Epstein just bring me a World Series. You do not have to know Cubs history, to know it is same every year: Wait till next year. We are tired of waiting, that is why Ricketts went out and got you.

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