Yes it’s Me.
I am Love, sending you this note
I read everything you write me
all your dreams and hopes.
I hear you when you sing to me
you set my heart afloat

Just trust that I can hear you
hear you when you call
I am always working for you
trying to help you fall
into the arms of the one who
would gladly give you all.

So you wonder why I’m writing
the truth is, I need your help
So many people searching
wish you could feel what I have felt
so many souls hurting
It would make your heart melt.

So do someone a favor
send them what I wrote
let them know I’m coming
not to give up hope
tell them to pass it on
this little love note.

Copy and past this link to a friend. Send them a text or email, tell them to pass it on.
This light reminder will help so many if you would just pass it on someone you care about.

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