A Man’s Find

Warm, tingling sensation opens my pores
Feeling awakened by the light and more
Am I alive? Can someone hear me?
Nature surrounds and sounds so lovely
my heart cannot stop pounding
I’m losing myself in a made up fairytale
I just might get up bail, I see the path
I see the line
but still cannot find.
My way to loneliness is fine
Was never alone though.
Thorough-ly spea-king,
I find what I am see-king
A life
A life of my own
Something that was never shown,
now I stand and behold!
A realization,
Mind’s racin’
A heart that needs love, but with all capitalization
To show what it needs and with all eyes
I seen her lies, but man she was so fine
I had cross the line only to lose.
She was amused.
The devil disguised
sought my demise,
but I have risen
and was given
a chance to be livin’
once again.

Thank you Forever.

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