A Mid Winter Nights Bliss

As I stand out here gazing at the snow falling in the night sky,
Watching the shimmer of each flake as cars pass by,
The brilliance and the shape of each one is awe inspiring,
The colors are that of a bright glimmering rainbow
And all its amazing colors.
A Mid Winter Nights Bliss

It is now an hour later and as I step back outside,
I see the awesome beauty the snow is leaving,
The snow on the trees and ground gives visions of A Winter Wonderland
Looking up at the sky as the snowflakes fall and gently touch my face,
Seeing each very different and unique pattern.
It is A Mid Winter Nights Bliss.

Time seems to slip away as I gaze upon this wondrous sight,
What seemed like minutes has turned to hours,
My mind and eyes lost and entranced by this night and all its splendid wonders,
The sights are so enticing and captivating,
Time is of no importance now
This, A Mid Winter Nights Bliss.

As my wife and I look out into this blissful Winters night,
We are drawn to a time that once was, so tantalizing,
A Winter night that was filled with radiance and brilliance,
Each flake looking like a fairy dancing in the air,
Such beauty and grace they had,
Our Mid Winter Nights Bliss.

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