A Month of Sundays: Visiting Sequiota Park: Part Two

Second Sunday. Definitely rethinking this idea, but I went despite the lowering sky and cold air. The first Sunday seemed to be a big-picture day; this Sunday, I was focused on details. I’m into details. I’m very nearsighted, and I suppose that might have something to do with it. Anyway, the ducks fascinated me. The ducks, not the Canada geese or the lone swan. Sure, they’re cool and all, but it was a day for the ducks. They were gathered in the shallow stream that runs out of the cave in the northeast end of the park. Maybe they prefer it, as their larger cousins don’t? No idea. Maybe they’re after the algae and plants in the water. I particularly enjoyed watching the Punk Duck. I think it’s a gray version of a Crested Duck, which is related to the mallards.

I dragged myself away from the ducks, as I was getting a bit chilled. Walking down the eastern path, I noticed a huge grapevine that bent over the path, and had cracked. I was also getting into tree bark. Not as a dietary supplement or craft material, just as something interesting to study. And something to cling to, when I realized I’d gotten to the hill and hadn’t brought my walking stick. Thank goodness for saplings, that’s all I’ve gotta say.

Made it over the hill, and into the limestone bluff along the southeast of the lake. The worlds of the crevices caught my attention. I took myriad photos, but will only bore you with one. Another grand visit concluded.

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