A New Ford in the Future?

I have a dependable vehicle that I absolutely love, having owned it for most of a decade and it happens to be a Ford Explorer XLT. It has been a rock of a vehicle through the years and travels, being a 2002 model. You can click here for further details. Almost 10 years later, the odometer on my Explorer excessively reflects the road trips to see friends and family that live in other states, and running multitudes of errands on what can seem like a daily basis. I fear the time is nearing though that I will need to invest in a new vehicle to keep up with our travels patterns, and also as there will be a new demand put on my family’s main mode of transportation.

The attribute that will be a necessity for our new vehicle will be one that can haul a two-horse, bumper pull trailer. We own a horse and as my daughter is getting older and riding more, she is eager to get into horse shows. I have ventured down that road myself in the past year, with me and my horse being able to hitch a ride my friend who also shows. The responsibility of hauling our own horse in our own trailer will ultimately be upon us so a new vehicle will need to meet this major requirement.

My family has always been a Ford family and the chances of us purchasing another Ford are extremely high – in the 99% range. We have had dependable Ford vehicles over the years (including two Escorts, an Escape, two Taurus, and an F150) that meet standards of safety and reliability. The gas mileage ratings are improving for larger vehicles from Ford, with the Explorer meeting all of those qualifications. To read more about the 2011 Explorer click here.

My husband has started feeding me information on another Ford model, the Ford Flex. Initially I thought he was kidding because my first impressions of this cross-over were that it was a boxy, touring vehicle. I was informed that the Ford Flex does have a towing package, and you can click here to read more information. The more I’ve read about the Ford Flex the more I am intrigued having seating for 6-7 people, comfort features, drives more like a car according to my spouse and has the cool viewing windows on the roof. The negative about the Ford Flex is it doesn’t get as good of gas mileage as the Ford Explorer and the towing capacity is a tad lower.

Whichever vehicle we choose to purchase in the future, it will be following a bit of scrutiny, debate, and test driving. Ford vehicles have been a family favorite in the past and the present, and most likely in the future.

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