A Review of Apple’s MacBook Pro

Aside from the sleek beauty of the uni body, outstanding graphics and a bright, colourful widescreen on the 13-inch MacBook Pro, it also boasts a superior processor. This means it performs exactly as expected in terms of speed and multi-tasking capabilities. The battery easily lasts for more than 6 hours of web browsing, word processing and general use. Notebooks with similar specifications begin to struggle around the 5 hour mark so the MacBook is superior as expected. The magnetic power cable is practical, safe and quick to attach when the battery has been pushed to the limit.

A particularly wonderful feature of this model is the integrated button track-pad. Although it takes a while to get used to, it soon becomes natural. The multi-finger gestures make it easier to use than expected and any ideas of grabbing for a wireless mouse disappear after practice. Users might find themselves touching the screen in an attempt to get the same effects as those gained from using the track-pad and wondering why it wasn’t just made as a touch screen laptop. After all it seems to be able to do just about everything imaginable.

The MacBook is built for multi-tasking and makes browsing several web pages, researching and writing simultaneously while listening to background music in your iTunes library effortlessly simple. The FaceTime, iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand software add to the versatility of the `MacBook making it easy to switch between chatting to family, friends or business contacts, having fun and working as well as do both at the same time.

A less than favourable feature of this model is the noisy fan that kicks in when you’re watching a movie. The MacBook comes with a pretty hefty price tag but the in-built virus protection and the overall quality of the product mean it is designed to last. The polished aluminium surface can be easily scratched or dented so investing in a protective case of some sort is a necessity for those wishing to keep their MacBook in pristine condition.

This great environmentally friendly machine meets the demands of a modern computer suitable for a range of business users whilst still keeping the essential creative and fun capabilities expected of a copter for personal use. Writers, gamers, designers, social networkers and movie makers alike will not be disappointed. Neither will those new to Mac use.

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