A Smorgasbord of Heaven – Roostertail

A smorgasbord of carnivore heaven awaits you at Roostertail located in Japan town of San Francisco, but vegetarians should not feel deterred as all of the sides are worth writing home about. “All organic. All local. All good.” With a tag line like that, I was up for trying Roostertail.

The chickens come from Mary’s Chickens where the chickens are hand raised, and free range since 1954. All other meats are from Golden Gate Meat Co. where the beef is 100% grass fed with no hormones or antibiotics. Strauss Family Creamery is the only organic dairy and creamery in California and supplies Roostertail with these products. Bread comes from Acme Bread. I love supporting local businesses, especially ones that provide such top quality products!

The food has a quality and freshness that is not easy to miss.

Parking, well this is San Francisco. There is plenty of free 2-hour street parking from 8 am to 6 pm, no limit after 6 pm, metered parking. Some days it is super easy to find a spot for your car and some days you will feel like you are just driving in circles. Public transportation is abundant and easy.

The staff is very friendly. You will fell welcomed as if you just got home and your family is happy to see you.

Deviled eggs, definitely try them, a great flavor blend.

The rotisserie chicken is moist and full of flavor.

I have also many times ordered several sides instead of an actual meal. French fries; although I have never met a fried potato that I didn’t like, these were on the mediocre end. Mac & 3 Cheeses: made with cream and great cheese with a full and rich flavor. Sauteed Chard: such an amazing flavor combination, one of my favorite sides! Daily Chopped Salad: always an amazing salad that differs from day to day.

Pricing is reasonable, especially considering the quality ingredients. A meal with cost around $10.

The seating area is of decent size.

You can call ahead and pay with your credit card for curb side pick up, an ingenious idea for San Francisco.

Roostertail is located at 1963 Sutter Street in San Francisco. The hours of operation are Monday through Saturday from 11:30 am to 10:00 pm and closed on Sundays.

If you find yourself in the Japan Town area of San Francisco, Roostertail is should be on your list to check out. Don’t forget to take home a rotisserie chicken loving tattoo with you!

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