A Solution to Your Pet’s Separation Anxiety Disorder

Today most of the households are earning from more than one source. This has made many pet owners to consider an option of hiring a pet sitter for their beloved pets. This will keep their pets entertained and happy when they are at work for a longer period. Hiring a pet sitter is an alternative of taking your dog to a kennel. It will also allow your dog to stay comfortable in his personal home environment along with receiving the proper care and attention including timely fed, taken for a walk, etc.

It is also seen that many pets cannot tolerate car trips, which makes the pet owner stressful as well. There are many dogs that suffer from separation anxiety disorder and this makes it hard for the pet’s owner to leave their pets alone when they are at work. This disorder can be very serious and stressful for the pets and to their owners. This forces the pets like dogs to adopt the destructive behavior and make them rip apart different objects placed in the homes. This is also harmful for the dog’s health as it puts an undue stress on the lungs and heart of the dogs. The only solution to cope with the separation anxiety problem of your pets is to hire a pet sitter.

Always begin with the word of mouth, while looking for a reliable pet sitter in your area. You should ask your family, coworkers, friends for their recommendations and referrals. Checking the local newspaper, bulletin boards and community centers for the advertisements of a pet sitter is also worthwhile. You can also check the phone-book, yellow pages and can search on the Internet to find a devoted pet sitter for your pets.

Always look for the pet sitters with insurance, this is for your and pet sitter protection. Usually professional pet sitters are insured. You should also ask for the testimonials from the earlier or current clients of the pet sitter along with his clients’ phone number. This will help you investigate the proper information about the pet sitter. A good pet sitter provides all such information himself. You should also ask questions like how she will handle an emergency like fires, injuries or accidents.

Usually a pet sitter likes to meet with the potential client to discuss all the initial issues and to meet dogs to see if the match is good enough for them. While choosing a pet sitter you should ask the pet sitter to take your dog for a short walk. This will help you in judging the pet sitter and you can see how well he/she can handle your pets. You should also talk to the pet sitter about how often and where to take your pets for a walk.

A knowledgeable and experienced pet sitter will also ask different questions to the pet owner, such as pet needs any special dietary or it has any medical or behavioral issue.

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