A Tale of Two New Witches

One day, Lisa was walking through a deep dark wood with her friend Jessica. They were talking about the costumes they were going to wear that night when they went Trick-or-treating. Halloween wasn’t an ordinary day for them, it was also their birthdays! This year both girls were turning twelve. So intent on their discussion, they stopped paying attention to where they were going, neither one of the girls noticed the mysterious shimmer nor the abrupt change in their path. Suddenly they found themselves at the edge of a clearing with a spooky looking old cabin. “Jessica, I don’t remember this being here…maybe we should turn back, besides, your parents will be awful mad if we’re late again!” Lisa pleaded with her friend. Jessica was her best friend, but she was always getting into trouble, and that cabin looked like T-R-O-U-B-L-E! Sure enough, Jessica was shaking her head “Oh come on Lisa! Let’s explore! After all, it IS Halloween!” Jessica teased before dashing off ahead.

“Jessica! Wait for me! You know we aren’t supposed to go off alone!” Lisa cried out before running to catch up to her best friend. Lisa turned the corner and saw Jessica right away “Jessica, I told you to wait for me, didn’t you hear me? Jess? What’s wrong?” Lisa asked worriedly. Instead of answering Jessica just pointed. Following her friends gaze Lisa stared in shock, there were witches, werewolves and all manner of fairytale creatures going about day to day business and a giant Jack-o-lantern right in the middle with a sign that read “Welcome to Halloween Town”

“Halloween Town? But that’s just a story!” Lisa whispered. “Lisa, I don’t think this is just a story, something tells me we’re going to be late getting back home, if we even CAN get back home, I know! If this place is real, maybe the Cromwell’s are real too, we need to find Aggie! Or maybe Marnie is here!” Jessica said excitedly!

Lisa and Jessica walked into the town center and approached a friendly looking older woman “Excuse me Ma’am, we’re looking for Aggie Cromwell, or her granddaughter Marnie, do you know where they live? Jessica asked nervously. The older woman looked down at the girls in surprise “Well, hello there, I’m Aggie Cromwell, but I’m afraid I don’t know you. You look like you need some help; I live just there, would you like some tea while we talk?

Settled down with nice steaming cups of tea the girls took turns telling of the strange events that led to them being there in Halloween Town, and how much they missed their families and just wanted to go home. “Well Lisa, Jessica, it’s good you found me, but I wouldn’t worry too much about your families, I suspect they are already here! Your mothers are Cromwell’s you see, they married mortals and they each had twelve years to tell their husbands and make a choice. It looks like they both decided to come back home! Girls, I’m your Grandmother!”

Just then, there was a knock at the door and Lisa and Jessica’s parents walked in. After a long talk, Aggie stood up and said “Well girls, it looks like I have two new Cromwell’s to teach! Happy Halloween!

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