A Voter’s Lament

Presidential contenders
Are all self-righteous defenders
Of the things they want us to believe;
Truth is not the primary consideration
As they spew forth to the Nation
While wearing the hearts
Embroidered by their advisers
On their neatly pressed and
Monogrammed sleeves.

Talking and communicating
Must not be too quickly equated
Especially in the sham context
Of issues and positions debated.
The pitch and words vary
But the drone of political
Makes most of us wary
And becomes kind of scary
After hearing them a lot
And fearing that they just
Might really be
The best that we’ve got.

They tell us what we want to hear;
That much is evident and clear.
If there is no one to believe,
What choices does that leave?
A voter’s lament
After most hope
Has been spent.

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