A Year and a Day

I was born into a Roman Catholic family. I went to CCD (Confraternity of Christian Doctrine), received all the sacraments through confirmation, I went to church on Sundays and holidays such as Easter. I was born and raised Catholic because that’s what my parents were, that’s what my grandparents were and that’s all that I knew. Then when I was in high school I met my friend Alison who was a Wiccan. It was around that time I started to really think about my beliefs. Did I really believe everything I had learned in CCD or everything the Bible teaches? The answer was no. So, I began to read about Wicca. Soon discovered a lot of the beliefs made a lot of sense and a lot of them matched my own beliefs that were deep in the back of my mind. Having always been around nothing but Christians made it difficult for me to bring those thoughts out of my subconscious.

So, it was at the age of 18 I began my conversion into Wicca. In the Wiccan religion one must study for a year and a day before officially becoming a witch. Therefore, my year and a day were complete at the age of 19. One of the reasons I love the Wiccan religion as a whole is that there is not one set of beliefs. In Christianity there is one God, one bible, one belief system. Wicca is a polytheistic religion (multiple gods). Personally I worship the triple Goddess (Mother, Maiden and Crone). We also have “Book of Shadows” which is like our own personal bible. Each Witch’s book is filled with something different and each is “correct”. Wiccans generally share a few beliefs in common such as; we do not believe in the devil or hell, we believe in karma and we believe in reincarnation. Wiccans practice on their own and in covens, but do not need a building (such as a church) in order to set up alter; celebrate holidays or anything like that.

My beliefs used to be a little bit different (for example I include a God in my worship), but I recently did a lot of inner soul searching on what it was I truly believed. I needed to know that what I believed in was true to myself or if I was just doing it because a lot of my friends are Pagan and Wiccan. Turns out I really, truly do believe.

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