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Abdominal Exercises

Abdominal strength is important for good posture and to alleviate back pain. Defined abdominal muscles are also attractive in clothing. Both men and women desire the six-pack abdominal look with minimal effort, time or difficult abdominal exercises. Abdominal muscles may be developed through standing exercises, through floor exercises or with equipment. Most people prefer standing abdominal exercises , but all three versions will be examined for the benefit of the consumer.

To begin a standing abdominal exercise regimen, incorporate a variety of exercises according to your level of comfort. While standing with your legs shoulder width apart and your arm raised to the ceiling, lift your knee towards the chest and bring the arm down simultaneously. The knee should reach a 90 degree angle, and you should slightly crunch your stomach during the motion. Thirty repetitions should be performed on either side.

While standing with your feet shoulder width apart and the arms stretched out to either side, sway your torso area from side to side until you feel a burn in your obliques. Obliques are the muscles on the sides of your torso. Complete 50 repetitions on each side for a complete workout. Five or ten pound weights may be added to either exercise to improve the intensity of the workout. Instead of performing 50 repetitions, perform 20 repetitions on each side.

While standing with your feet together, keep both legs straight. Step forward with one foot. Then, lift that same foot two to three inches off the ground and rotate the leg in a semi-circle, clock-wise motion. Perform 20 repetitions and then circle the leg in the other direction. Repeat the same motion with the other leg.

Crunches are great abdominal exercises , but most people want to stay off the floor. An exercise ball will help with crunches without requiring the individual to get on the floor. Sit on the exercise ball with the feet firmly planted on the floor and the legs at 90 degree angles. With the ball on the back and the hands behind the head, crunch upward and raise the torso no more than a 45 degree angle.

Bosu balance trainers are often used in health clubs and other locations to help people maintain their balance while performing crunches. For instance, sit on the ball with legs outstretched at a 30 to 45 degree from the floor and the upper body the same distance from the floor. With the arms straight out in front, crunch forward and pull the legs into the chest. Perform 50 repetitions. Bosu balance trainers range from $60 to $190 in cost. Many people find crunches easier with the use of a medicine ball or a Bosu balance trainer.

Kettlebells are often used to add resistance to the normal abdominal exercises. Add kettlebells to any of the standing exercises to yield more definition. Over time, you will notice a positive change in the abdominal muscles. You will also feel better about your appearance.

If you like the idea of exercise tapes, there are numerous tapes available that will help you develop more defined abs. Many of the exercise tapes may be found on television advertisements and are endorsed by celebrities. Consider an exercise tape if you need guidance during your workout. Some abdominal workouts may be completed in eight minutes and some may require 30 minutes if combined with cardiovascular exercise. These tapes may be a welcome resource to those that need more motivation than others.

Before you begin a program, decide the type of abdominal exercises that produce the least strain for your body. Perform these exercises periodically for the best results. Pay attention to your form during the exercise to avoid stress injuries.

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