About New Generation IPhone 4s

When Apple released its first iPhone in the year 2007, the smart phone market was unexploited. But now the market is being flooded with various companies trying to exploit the market by regularly releasing various smart phones. Will the iPhone continue its legacy in this crowded market? Read on to know the features of the new generation iPhone and why it enjoys an edge over the competition.

Even from its launch iPhone was successful in grabbed the attention of the all the sections. This smart mobile from Apple Inc. was a trend setter and a path breaker in smart mobiles. The brain child of Steve jobs was an immediate success and impressed the critics and public alike. But to stay on top like the eagle, you should bring new life to your product. Apple was always successful in doing that, and it brought out newer versions of iPhone with added features and ease of use. iPhone 4s is the latest iPhone released by apple. This gained special interest as it was the last product released before the legendary Steve jobs passed away.

Phones enjoyed a success because they are beautiful, easy and fast. Beautiful to look at, Easy to use, and fast in processing. With iPhone 4s, the easy got easier and fast got faster.

Though iPhone 4s boasts of many new features, the striking feature is SIRI. It is a voice based intelligent software assistant. It takes voice commands and is capable of many things, like taking a diction, schedule a meeting, sending a message or an email, search the web, schedule reminders, find a business and lot more. It sure makes the usage easier. You can do many things even without touching your phone!

The fast just got faster with the introduction of dual core A5 processor chip in the iPhone 4s. This dual core processor supports SIRI and apple’s latest version of mobile OS ‘IOS 5′ in a wonderful way, making sure the performance levels are never below the expected.

iPhones are known for their display quality and camera performance. iPhone 4s does-not disappoint us on those fronts as well. The 8 mega-pixel camera gives a stunning output and mesmerizes even with its 1080p video capture. This is so far the best camera installed in a iPhone. The memory capacity got enhanced to 64gb enabling users to store more photos at a high resolution. The retina display exhibits the pictures in 16m colors leaving the users spell bound.
The best thing, the screen is scratch resistant.

Apple came up with its new brain child ‘icloud’. It is an automatic synchronize and storage service, it helps you synchronize all your music, photos etc with your apple other products. It is free of charge with this version.

This newer version of iPhone supports both CDMA and GSM. It is the first dual mode mobile from apple. And it has also introduced dual antenna system that removed the death grip problem. The Bluetooth 4.0 helps in stronger connections.

Overall iPhone 4s does stand up to the name and will be another gold mine for apple.

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