Accessible Travel Lodging — Berlin

My stay in Berlin has been nothing but spectacular. A large part of it can be attributed to Generator, a social group that facilitates temporary lodging for backpackers, tourists and people of like-wandering minds who seek an inexpensive, yet suitable, location to call home for their stay. Every amenity a traveler desires – inexpensive rates, vibrant nightlife and friendly staff – are at the traveler’s fingertips. Worthy of note is the capability of the staff. Their grasp of the English language is unparalleled by most hostels within a 20 km radius. The beer is diverse but reasonable, they provide a free breakfast for road-weary travelers short on funds and they perform their jobs with a smile on their face – even when needy American tourists request too much. The Generator staff goes beyond what is expected. I recommend this establishment to any traveler seeking a place to not only rest, but enjoy. To experience what Berlin has to offer and come home to a safe, pleasant environment, seek Generator. I give Generator Berlin 4.0 from 5 stars. Accessible, clean, neat – what else can a world traveler ask for?

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