Accessories with an Asian Influence

Asian decor is both elegant and timeless. The sleek and functional nature of the style lends itself to blend with countless other design choices. From room dividers to lanterns, you can bring in as little or as much as you like to infuse your space with an Asian influence. With so many budget-friendly choices, you’ve got a ton of options. Here are just a few to get you started.

• Bamboo

The quickest way to bring an Asian flair to any home decor project is to add a few bamboo or bamboo motif pieces to the space. Bamboo placemats are available in many shapes, colors and sizes. They can be used on a dinner table, as an accent mat under a sculptural piece or as a backdrop to a piece of artwork.

Even if you don’t use actual bamboo, you can always find pieces to fit into your project with a bamboo motif. Look for mirrors, tables, chairs or lamps with a bamboo style to bring in a touch of Western culture into your room.

• Lanterns

Paper and silk lanterns are budget-friendly and abundant. Round, square, long, short – the choices are endless and so are the colors. Work these lanterns into indoor or outdoor spaces as terrific lighting solutions.

For a more substantial lighting choice, look to wood or metal lanterns which mimic the structures of Asian design. The tapered lines and minimalist design of Asian-inspired lanterns work wonderfully in Craftsman or contemporary spaces and so many more.

• Screens

Folding and sliding screens can be functional or ornamental. Let the Asian style of a simple frame screen convey a chic influence when you need to divide a space or hide an unsightly element in your room. Or, just let them be a decorative piece that threads color into the space wherever you need it. You can even build your own screens with a few pieces of inexpensive furring strips for framing and whatever material you desire in the middle. The possibilities are endless.

No matter your budget or style, there are so many options for adding an Asian influence to your decor. You don’t have to buy big, expensive pieces or ornate accessories to create the look you want. Just infuse your next decorating project with a piece here or there to transform your space into an eclectic work of art with a splash of Western culture. Check out the Asian Decor ideabook on Houzz for a number of terrific ideas to get you started.

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