Ace Vandura: The Greatest Vehicle Ever Sold

Ace Vandura. He was the best vehicle I have ever owned. I have owned 1950’s rat rods, bobber style motorcycles, but nothing, NOTHING, beats Ace Vandura. Ace is a 1995 GMC conversion van. Fat, slow, thirsty, and tons of attitude. Ace is nothing special. While not being super cool looking or fast and a lady catcher, he is one hell of a utilitarian beast. Honestly, my life has changed since owning a conversion van. I’m 29, and it isn’t a popular vehicle to own, but I hardly drive. I live in Seattle, but I like to get out every once in a while.

I get tired of the city. I pack a change of clothes, hop in my van, hit up the grocery store, and I’m gone! I never have to pay for lodging. I find the town I want to explore, park, and then come back to sleep when I’m done. Ace has a full size bed in the back, television, stereo, which is pretty much all I need. I used to be a boring person. I had to plan everything out, but now, I am Mr. Spontaneity. Chicks dig Mr. Spontaneity. Camping is a breeze. I always say I want to camp a lot this year, but never do. Since I bought Ace, I was camping every weekend I didn’t have anything to do. I camp so much that I keep an extra bundle of wood in the back for the camp fire. I received something from this vehicle that I have never received from any vehicle. Adventure. It isn’t fast. It isn’t cool by any Jersey Shore standards, but I wouldn’t give it up for the world. I am starting to think that all people can be divided into two categories. Van people, and everyone else. I may be taking it too far here, but I believe that Ace has even influenced my philosophy and how I view the world. Currently, I am considering using Ace as a home base. That is, I plan on moving into it for a short period. Mainly to say I did, and to save some cash. I realized that all I needed was all that I needed. Living in comfort does not need to be a conventional living situation.

I wouldn’t suggest a conversion van for everyone, and it is not an ideal commuter, but the convenience and basic utilitarian needs that it fills makes it the best vehicle I have ever owned. I love Ace Vandura. He gets his name because he is a GMC Vandura. Also, the VHS tape left in the VCR when I bought it was Ace Ventura. Fate.

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