Achieving Goals

I love positive thinking, it is an important part of achieving our goals, and it is my mantra for my life. But there is more to positive thinking than you think.

Dr Demartini is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on human behavior and personal development and he says, positive thinking can sometimes be self-defeating. Here’s why. If you’re acting upbeat and really positive but in your private life you’re feeling quite the opposite, this can actually be quite draining, because it takes a lot more energy to keep up the front.

If you talk yourself into believing a fantasy goal that you have created because you need to be positive about something, it won’t be important enough to give you the drive to do whatever it takes to get you there, and you’ll fail. It’s time to be truthful with yourself. You will be amazed at the energy you’ll have once you do this.

So how do we get past this? When it comes to achievement and inspiration, self-knowledge is a better strategy to help you with positive thinking. It’s about “knowing thyself”, and self-awareness is the critical key to success. Dr. John Demartini says, to know yourself you must figure out what your personal values are. Often our values are based on what our parents, partners or friends value. Often we live our lives from old values and beliefs that just do not serve us anymore.

By determining what you value, you come into alignment or harmony with you goals. By aligning goals with what you value you become genuinely inspired. Which means working towards that goal becomes easier and a joy. You’re excited each day to jump out of bed and work towards it.

It is well worth taking the time to find out what you value and truly believe, for the simple reason that this is critical to your happiness and success.

Try this exercise. Write down your answers to the following questions.

1. Is there something you do that you always have energy for? What is it that you really love doing and when you’re doing it, the time just flies by? It makes you feel alive?

2. What are your surroundings like? What is it that you love surrounding yourself with? What do you have on display in your house? What pictures do you have on display, what do you wear or carry around with you? Do you have special jewellery or amulets you wear? And what books and music do you surround yourself with?

3. Next, ask yourself where do you spend your money? What is it that you would not give a second thought to before spending money on it? Is it something you would buy before paying your bills? What do you value more?

Use these questions to help you uncover what you value. Question yourself often, so you can become clear on what you put first. These are what you value.

Once you become clear on what you value you will see what’s truly important to you. Awareness is always the key; you cannot change anything you’re not aware of. By doing this you can become aligned with your goals.

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