Acne Scarred Teen Model Amazing Makeup Tricks

Have you suffered through acne, especially in your teen years? You need to read this teen model’s extraordinary accomplishment. Sadly, Cassandra Bankson should’ve been around during my acne phase. I really needed her help through my difficult middle and high school years, even into my early adulthood. ABC News’ Good Morning America featured in their blog and morning television program a successful teen model from California. Bankson has one major flaw that would hold back countless aspiring models, severe acne. What makes her story even more fascinating is her YouTube videos showing a before and after transformation with simple make-up techniques to cover up any type of acne. This is a must see.

Her tutorials on YouTube is getting over two million views. This is something I would have benefited greatly from when I had acne. As a matter of fact I did my own cover up makeup tricks, thanks to reading some pointers in teen magazines of the day. Unfortunately they were nowhere near as good as Ms. Bankson’s. Actually, not a lot of information about or products for acne were available while I was growing up. The common myths back then was not to eat greasy foods and chocolate. You also needed to scrub your face diligently with certain soaps and chemicals daily. According to the Mayo Clinic webpage on acne causes this is completely false. Hormones, medication and a diet with breads and dairy products tend to make it worse.

Fox News reported Bankson learned her skillful makeup applications from research and practice. This reminded me of myself while reading every book I could get on skin care. Like with her situation I too have oily skin. I would also experiment on an idea or makeup technique to cover-up blemishes. What is amazing she looks stunning with her makeup transformation making her look younger. I’m grateful for this self-conscious teen posting on YouTube despite worrying about hateful comments. Now she’s an inspiration for those who have suffered with acne and who want to take care of their skin.


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