Grabs another life
Gone too young, the pain is over
But not for those left behind
Not all can face this world
Not all can survive the cruel temptations.
God sometimes gives us unrivaled talent.
And accompanies it with unforgiving torment.

Through memory you may live on
Through song we’ll see her soul
An end to this life is a loss for us all
Not many are as blessed
Not many are so troubled
Not many are so beloved

A Release from her pain
Magnification of pain of those who loved her.
Her legacy in tack
But would trade all fame for time
God bless the dead who die so troubled.

For those who don’t understand
Addiction cripples within
You can’t imagine yourself
If you haven’t seen it first hand

Judgments aren’t enough
Tears don’t stop the pain
Only time can heal
The pain from day to day

So mourn with me for at least a day
A daughter, sister, and love
She was someone’s everything
And to me, a singer beloved.

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