Adult Halloween Game: Halloween Bingo

My friends and I like to drive around and gawk at the Halloween decorations. Halloween rivals Christmas in the amount of time and money spent for lawn decorations and some people go all out. Rather than simply driving around, pointing and staring, we decided to make it into a game. Here’s how we did it.

Create Bingo Cards

A number of online sites make it possible to print your own bingo cards. You can use their suggestions for Halloween items to find or you can make your own. I created my own list which included a space for “a yard with more than 20 items” and “holiday cross-over”, which meant a house with Halloween items but other holiday items as well. Before you make your list, drive around your neighborhood to get an idea of what’s out there. I made the mistake of including a giant spider made from trash bags full of leaves and then realized they went out of style a few years ago.

Print up plenty of cards for everyone so that you can play more than one game if you wish. You’ll also need pens or markers.

Set The Ground Rules

Will you play traditional bingo or a coverall? If two people have the same item on their bingo card, do they both get credit when it’s spotted or only the first person? Will you play until there’s a winner or will you simply see who can find the most items on their card in a set amount of time? Because a couple items that I listed were impossible to find, we ended up calling time when looking for the missing decorations went from being fun to a chore.

Get a Car and Driver

The driver will need to be focused because their passengers are likely to start yelling “turn here” or “there’s a mummy”. The driver won’t be able to play, so you’ll need to come up with a nice prize for them for being a good sport. You’ll also need a vehicle with plenty of windows for everyone to see. If you’re bringing snacks along, it should also be someone who won’t get too upset if a piece of candy corn gets ground into their car’s upholstery.


If you have more than one carload of guests, you could play car vs. car with just one card per vehicle. Set a time limit and see which group finds the most items on their card before time is up.

Of course, you will drive carefully and follow all traffic rules.

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