Adult Sports Activities in Venice, Fla.


For adults, playing sports after work or during the weekend is a great way to stay physically active, socialize and meet new people. Adults living in Venice, Fla., can participate in a variety of sports activities. The great weather in the area makes playing sports outside a year-round possibility. Whether you enjoy playing soccer, golf, softball or tennis, Venice has all of these and much more.


Golfing is a sporting option for adults living in the Venice area, as the city is home to many picturesque golf courses and golf clubs. Waterford Golf Club, Capri Isles Golf Club and Calusa Lakes Golf Club are all semi-private championship golf clubs in Venice that offer the option to join all three for the price of one. Typically open year-round, these courses host tournaments and offer outings for companies, families or large groups.


Venice Bowling Lanes on Route 41 is open late every day and offers those who work during the day a chance to bowl the evening in a league or a club. The bowling clubs are non-competitive, but the bowling leagues are competitive with a 24-week season and a final tournament. The bowling alley also offers party and large group booking.


Those who love the game of soccer can join a club in or around Venice. The Sarasota Football League, located in Sarasota and roughly 11 miles from Venice, is a highly competitive league that requires a try-out to join a team. Soco sports in nearby Sarasota also have open play and pick-up once a week. It does cost five dollars to play. The league is co-ed and is non-committal, which makes it the atmosphere more carefree and less competitive.


Being close to the ocean, the Venice area offers much opportunity to bike along scenic routes and exercise while enjoy the weather. Biking the Legacy Rail Trail from Sarasota to Venice is a must for any biking enthusiast. The trail is more than 12 miles long, is situated along scenic points and has rest stops to relax. For those looking for a club to join, the Coastal Cruisers Bicycle Club ( in North Port is within a 20 minute drive of Venice and offers an opportunity to meet other biking lovers and go biking together. The club goes on weekly rides, changing routes each time.

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