Advice for New Police Officers

There are many things to consider when deciding to become a Police Officer. Here are a few tips for new graduates for becoming a good seasoned officer.

1.) Officer safety is number one priority in every situation.

2.) Barney may have been a hit on the Andy Griffin show, but please have good common since. If one is not blessed in this area, then another career choice would be highly recommended.

3.) No matter how many toys and whistles one has on his gun-belt, they are not a replica of God. Have respect for the career.

4.) Driving school in the academy is fun, no doubt. The experience of this school does not give a police officer the right to take over the road, speed or cause other people bodily harm when riding with them– and in general be wreck-less behind the wheel– just because they wear a badge.

5.) The hat and the uniform is professional but not when one walks like they own the world. Be approachable while maintaining authority.

6. ) Help local EMS providers when they call. A police officer never knows when they may actually need to call on EMS for help. It’s not a good idea to get on EMS’s bad side. They just might take their time when responding to the Police officer’s emergency.

7.) Being a prick is not in the bi-laws of becoming a cop. More flies are caught with honey than with vinegar.

8.) Never leave a partner behind. Always back each other up.

9.) Stupidity is not an arrest able offence, although it would be a great law to write to congress about putting into effect.

10.) Last but not least, the unwritten cardinal rule to being a great Police officer is, never be caught in or out of uniform with a cup of coffee and a donut in hand. It just makes for a very misunderstood society.

If new officers keep these suggestions in mind, they should have a nice long career in law enforcement. Happy ticketing.

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