After School Pretzel Pops

Okay, you’re a good parent. You make sure your kids eat healthier and you give them plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. But right now, they’re on their way home from school, and you have to prepare a snack. You can reach for fruit – again – or surprise them with something a little different this afternoon. How about some pretzels? It’s not a sugary treat and it’s something everyone loves. A little boring? Well, it won’t take much to perk them up a little and make them a bit more delicious than they already are. Your kids will love pretzel pops – a combination of ordinary and delicious.

You can fix the pretzel pops before the kids get home from school or you can let them help you make the pops when they get home. It’s a fun time for children and it’s not that messy. Use pretzel rods; they’re shaped like pretzel sticks but they’re much larger.

One way to make the pretzel sticks is to just put crunchy peanut butter on them. Simply spread the peanut butter all around the upper part of the stick while leaving a bare area on the stick to use for a handle. Cover two-thirds of the stick with peanut butter. Spread it on thick or thin – that’s up to you.

A different version of the after school snack is made by using creamy peanut butter. Spread it around the top two-thirds of the pretzel rod and then roll it in your choice of goodies. Some choices include nuts, crushed cereal, candy sprinkles, marshmallows, chocolate chips, or assorted candies. Just sprinkle some of the embellishments onto the rod or roll the pretzel in the foods. You’ll find that easiest to do if you pour the chosen food on a flat plate.

Don’t have any pretzel rods? Some other types of pretzels can be used to make the delicious, after school snacks. Spread peanut butter on waffle pretzels or spread it over the top of other large pretzels. Place the peanut butter side face-down on the goodies to make them stick to one side of the pretzel.

There are lots of combinations you can do to make assorted pretzel pops. For instance, lightly spread honey on a pretzel rod, then sprinkle on instant oatmeal, and you get a yummy, granola-like snack. Experiment on your own to make healthy versions of the pretzel rods, or slightly more decadent ones, and the kids – as well as yourself – will devour them.
Pretzel Pops

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