Aliens Among Us

Unknown to most (sometimes because of fear), there are frequent alien visits to us in all parts of the world. This is a very radical idea, and most will simply put it behind them like a politician with an opposing party. So many times, one will not know if they have seen an alien, but the truth is, you most likely have. With so many cases reported every day (often unbeknownst to the population), it slowly becomes impossible to denounce them all. I want to share some uncommon evidence with you that might convince you of the presence of foreign invaders to our earth.

One of my favorite accounts is of an Australian man who was given visions of the future by aliens that proved to come true. Countless others share similar stories. There are also people who literally have tracking devices in them supposed to be from aliens. Often times, people are afraid to share their experiences, but proves wise when they do. There is much help to be found on the internet for residual effects and trauma in such cases. Just don’t be afraid and it will turn out all well.

One reoccurring element in all of the accounts is the telepathic communications. It is hard to imagine such communication but so many diverse peoples say it is true. Most encounters happen at night, but some will happen in day light if there are not others present. Most descriptions of abductions depict surgical equipment advanced for our time and kind but ominous operators. Of the few remembered accounts, the “abductees” are told telepathically they won’t remember anything. Obviously, it doesn’t always work and normally there will be residual effects whether you remember or not such as dreams or headaches.

I am one of the people who remembers. When I was 18 on vacation in Germany with some friends, I can remember sleeping outside on a hammock and suddenly awaking in a scary medical facility with gray beings working fervently beside the table I was on. I remember receiving the message, “It’s alright, you will be fine.”, and for some reason, I just went into my deep sleep again. I awoke next to a sharp pain originating from behind my knee. It was a weird pain and I don’t quite know how to describe it but it was unique for sure. Sometime after fainting on the table, I awoke in a chair in a more familiar environment, but definitely synthetic. Amazing technology was all around me, floating balls of bright metals, a sort of television viewed in your mind, advanced weaponry in cases, and peculiar plants I’d never seen. I was actually allowed to interact with the objects and found them quite astounding (though I’m sure i never discovered the full extent of their functions). The next thing I remember is being woken up by my friend with a look of astonishment on his face. He told me later I’d been gone for a whole day.

My story is similar to that of many others and is a chilling reminder of what is out there. But it also gives hope. If there is a more advanced civilization out there, could they help us as a nation come together and advance to their level? Only time will tell.

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