All About Diablo II Gems

Diablo II has been one of the most popular online computer games for quite some time. The amount of items and possibilities give a ton of replay value. Here today I want to talk about some precious little stones that can be huge when enhancing weapons or armor out there in the virtual world. We are gonna take a look at some information in regards to Diablo II gems.

Before we get into the real deep details about Diablo II gems let us go over some of the basics for any possible beginners reading along at home. In the game you will find items that are socketed with an place to put these stones. There are 7 different types of these precious little items. You have amethyst, diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire, skull and topaz. There are also 5 different grades which are chipped, flawed, normal, flawless and perfect. With each increased grade the more powerful the effects are to the selected weapon or armor.

With these Diablo II gems each one provides a different effect depending on the grade and item used in conjunction with the selected token. The amethyst adds to attack rating for weapons, defense to shields and strength to helmets. The diamond adds to undead damage for weapons, resistances for shields and attack rating to helmets. For the emeralds you get poison damage and resistance for weapons and shields with added dexterity for helmets. The ruby gives you fire damage and resistance for weapons and shields with added life when used on helmets. The sapphire grants the user cold damage and resistance for weapons and shields or added mana for shields. The skull essentially allows you to either heal or steal life and mana from enemies for all items. Finally we have topaz which gives lightning damage and resistance for weapons and shields or an increased chance of finding unique items when put into a helmet.

One of the biggest things that people search for in terms of information on Diablo II gems is where or how to gain more of them on the game. There is no certain way to just go out and be guaranteed to quickly build up an inventory full of gem stones. However there are many tips that you can use in order to help find them throughout the various levels.

One piece of advice in terms of gem farming on Diablo II is to find boss characters like Rakinishu or Andariel that are located near portals. These characters are much more likely to drop magical items. Simply take the portal to that level, kill the boss, save and exit then repeat until you get the desired results.

Another way to stock up is by using gem shrines that are randomly located on Diablo II and seem to be found most often in the early levels. Something that many new gamers don’t understand about gem shrines is that the player can either click the shrine to get a free stone or upgrade one they already have in inventory. So for example if you have a chipped ruby and then click a gem shrine it will be upgraded into a flawed ruby.

But what if you are having trouble finding gem shrines on Diablo II? Well then you simply can play through the early part of the game until you gain access to the horadric cube. As you will find out the horadric cube can transform multiple objects into one better and more unique item. If you place 3 of the same type and grade gem stone into the box it will transmute into a higher grade stone of that same type.

I hope you got some good information from this Diablo II gem list and frequently asked questions guide. So now you know about the horadric cube, areas with an increased chance of finding stones and details about gem shrines which can be very useful. Feel free to add your comments below if you have any clever tricks or details on the subject.

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