All My Children’s Final Week: Thursday, September 22, 2011

The final week of All My Children continued on ABC on Thursday, September 22, 2011. In this episode, Erica continues to defend her decisions, JR announces that he’s going away for a while, and several characters reunite with a loved one believed dead.

Erica is miffed at the very idea that her book would invade her daughters’ privacy. She’s thrilled when Kit Sterling stops by to let her know he found a screenwriter, but Jackson definitely doesn’t feel the same way about the visit.

The screenwriter wants to start right away, with Erica as his writing partner. She can even stay in his guesthouse. According to Kit, this should take three months, starting today. Erica’s excited but needs to talk to Jackson first. Jack knows she’s already made up her mind to do it, and he assumes she’ll be postponing the wedding again. Erica claims they’ll get married as soon as possible and have a long honeymoon. She realizes the timing of this is terrible, but she’s dreamed of being in a movie since she was a little girl. Jackson is tired of the way she always finds something more important than the two of them. He doesn’t want to live that way anymore.

Telling himself it’s showtime, JR goes to Tad and Dixie’s place. When they tell him they’re engaged again, he claims to be glad they’re getting a happy ending. In contrast, he won’t get one, since Babe isn’t alive after all. Dixie isn’t so sure about that; she knows David was treating another woman. JR “knows” she’s dead because her spirit appeared to him. After Tad goes looking for Griffin, JR tells Dixie that he’s leaving town and wants to see A.J. first.

An urgent message from Angie sends Adam and Brooke rushing to the hospital. Adam assumes there’s a problem with his reckless son. Barging into the ER, he gets the shock of his life when he sees his twin. David orders him to get out before he causes Stuart’s death for real this time. Brooke ushers him out, and Angie reassures him that David will save his brother.

Greenlee and Ryan give Zach and Kendall a romantic weekend in New York. Bianca and Marissa will watch the boys.

Later, Ryan and Greenlee go to the park. Ryan is deeply happy, content, and peaceful for the first time in his life, and he has her to thank for that. Greenlee is enjoying the peace and quiet–and lack of drama. She’s excited when Ryan shows her a pair of tickets to the circus.

Scott tells Madison what a great dad Stuart was. He asks her to move into the gatehouse since they both miss living together. She accepts the offer just before he gets a text. Stunned by the message, he jumps up and says they have to go now.

At Dixie’s request, Krystal drops A.J. off at the house with a reminder about the restraining order. Dixie promises to keep their grandson perfectly safe. After Krystal leaves, Dixie calls JR out of hiding, and he tells A.J. he’s going away for a while.

Brooke assures Adam that Stuart will pull through. She tells Angie that she’s noticed a fragility to Adam when he thinks she’s not looking. It’s the pain and guilt from what he did to Stuart. If he loses his brother again, he’ll never recover. While they talk, Stuart goes into V-tach.

Cara tells Tad that Griffin and David are trying to save Stuart. Tad is annoyed by the “hero worship” she has for David and is shocked to hear she’s carrying his enemy’s child.

David and Griffin are losing Stuart. Adam wants to go to his brother, and Angie decides to let him. In her opinion, he’s exactly what Stuart needs right now. David doesn’t understand this, but when Adam talks to Stuart and holds his hand, his heart rate improves and he opens his eyes.

Erica tells Kendall and Bianca that she’s leaving town to work on the screenplay despite Jack’s stubbornness and paranoia. Her daughters take Jack’s side; something always keeps their mom and uncle from getting married. They think marrying Jackson would give Erica’s movie a new ending. Erica can’t believe they see that as an ending!

Erica refuses to make marriage an ending to anything, and she certainly won’t compromise her lifelong dreams and goals just for a wedding ring. She intends to have it all! Once Jack thinks about it, he’ll support her decision. Bianca, Jack’s biggest fan, tells her maybe it’s time to support what he wants for a change. Erica is appalled.

Zach defuses the situation and then reminds Erica about when they first met in Las Vegas. She was a mess, but he liked her anyway. Erica didn’t like him at all. “I do a little bit now,” she says, smiling. Zach tells her they’re really not that different from each other; he’s taller and better looking but just as stubborn, and they both know what they want. Dreams count, and he respects the fact that she never abandoned hers. “Don’t change,” he says.

Scott and Madison rush to the hospital and can’t believe their eyes. After reuniting with his dad, Scott goes to the psych ward to see Marian, who maintains that she’s not crazy, just grieving over Stuart. Scott informs her that her husband is still alive.

When Angie tells David she’s proud of him for saving another life, he credits her with knowing what the patient needed. Meanwhile, Jesse is ready to take the doctor back to his cell. Tad tries to find out who the other patient is, but Griffin only saw Stuart.

Adam admits to Stuart that he’s the one who shot him, and he doesn’t deserve forgiveness. Stuart lovingly tells him there’s nothing to forgive.

Dixie is suspicious, but JR maintains that he’s really leaving town for a while. He heads out when the phone rings; it’s Tad with the news about Stuart. Dixie tries to catch her son, but it’s too late.

JR prepares to put his plan into action. The gun will take care of everything.

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