Allods Online Review

Allods Online is a fantasy-based MMORPG game developed by Russian game developer Astrum Nivial. It is the largest game developed in Russia’s history with a budget of $12 million. Despite the project being the most expensive game developed in that country, Allods Online is completely free-to-play and download on the internet. Unlike with World of Warcraft, the game doesn’t require you to pay a monthly subscription so it’s a game that can be played by all types of gamers.

In terms of the game’s PC requirements, it doesn’t demand a heavy load as much as more recent MMORPG titles such as Vindictus and Mabinogi. It has visuals that are not too dissimilar to that from World of Warcraft which means the game has polished graphics, but are not as realistic as more modern day video games out there.

It’s worth noting that even though Allods Online doesn’t push the PC to its boundaries, the game isn’t without its own technical issues. Many gamers have experienced significant lag when playing the game. It is not a connection issue as the problem persists for many gamers who have tried to play Allods Online. As of time of writing, the game still has issues with lag so let’s hope the developer works on something soon to prevent anymore lag disturbing gamers’ experience with Allods Online.

As with most other MMORPG games, you start off choosing between two factions with up to 8 different classes to choose from. When you progress further into Allods Online, more classes will become available to you. In all Allods Online has 28 classes for you to choose from. As always, you are able to customize the appearance of your on-screen character in the game and then you are ready to enter the world of Allods Online.

Disappointingly, there’s no epic introductory cutscene included in the game to try and explain the game’s story. Although most free-to-play games don’t have cutscenes let alone voice overs so this is to be expected. Still, with a $12 million budget, I’m sure putting one cutscene in the beginning wouldn’t have been too expensive.

In terms of the gameplay and combat in Allods Online, it plays similarly to the likes of other RPG games such as World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XII. It’s not the type of epic combat seen in Vindictus where you can perform Hollywood-style action sequences. Allods Online is the usual point-and-click affair where you use the mouse to highlight your enemies while your character attacks. Combat in the game can be quite repetitive as there’s no “auto attack”. You will have to keep clicking the mouse button continuously in order to attack your enemies.

Another thing that might deter gamers from playing Allods Online is that it takes a long time to level up in the game. This means you will have to fight a lot of baddies for hours on end if you want to become stronger. This has always been a feature in MMORPG games, however leveling up in Allods Online takes a more time than in any other games. If you’re the type of gamer that gets bored of fighting all the time, then this game may not be suitable for you.

In terms of the audio, the game has a top notch soundtrack. This is because the game is composed by renowned composer Mark Morgan. He has been responsible for composing the music for other RPG games such as the first two Fallout games and Planetscape: Torrent.

Allods Online may not be the smoothest running MMORPG game available online, however the production values are really high and the gameplay and visuals resemble that of World of Warcraft. Allods Online is free-to-play so any MMORPG fan out there should definitely give this game a go.

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