Almont Hideaway Lanes in Almont, Michigan: Cheap Family Fun

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend on a tight budget, go to Hideaway Lanes in Almont, Michigan. They have something for every member of the family at affordable prices. Not to mention you’ll be supporting a local business that loves to give back.

Well, colder weather is upon us. That means backyard BBQs and bonfires are coming to an end, sadly. So what do you do for fun now that won’t cost a fortune? Luckily, I have the answer and it may be closer than you think; Hideaway Lanes bowling alley. Located conveniently in Almont, Michigan, Hideaway Lanes offers a large variety of activities to beat the cold weather blues.

They offer 24 lanes of bowling, pool tables, and an arcade for your entertainment pleasure. They also offer concession style food and a full bar. Some of the regular activities include glow night bowling, monthly mixed bowling leagues, regular bowling leagues, and special ED handicap leagues. Upcoming in October is a special teen bowling night with free pool table play and an alcohol free atmosphere geared towards ages 13 to 18.

Hideaway Lanes also offers a large event room available for rent for almost any occasion. They have special packages for birthday parties. The alley has all the amenities anyone could ask for as well as being quite spacious.

Okay, you’re thinking so what’s so special about that, most bowling alleys offer the same things. Well, Hideaway Lanes also hosts comedy nights regularly. The cost is low and you get free dinner, one drink at the bar, and an hour and a half of hilarious stand-up comedy from real comedians. The last show I attended the comedian had been featured on Comedy Central.

The thing I feel that makes Hideaway Lanes really special is how involved it is in the local community. The comedy show I saw was not only hysterical but it also supported the local Relay for Life cancer walk team. They are constantly hosting fundraisers and special events (like lock-ins) for local schools. The people over at Hide-a-way Lanes are always open to helping local charities and families fundraise monies. The staff is also very friendly and personable.

I would recommend Hideaway Lanes to anyone who wants to go experience some good old fashioned family fun at reasonable prices. And you can feel good that you are supporting your community in the process. Owner/manager, Paul Abromaitis, is one of the friendliest caring people you will ever meet. He truly wants your experience at Hideaway Lanes to be a great one and he often goes out of his way to see that it is. It is because of Paul’s zest for life and his real “people person” personality that Hide-a-way Lanes is such great place to go and have fun.

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